It’s time to put the hammer and nails away, it’s ok to root for the Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox could hammer the nail in the coffin on the Yankees season this weekend. With a two-game lead in the American League Wild Card, the Red Sox play a crucial three-game series against the New York Yankees. 

Over the last ten games, the Sox are 8-2 and have begun to place pressure on the Yankees and Blue Jays in the Wild Card standings. Despite the great play of the Red Sox over the last few weeks, there are still portions of the fan base and media that can’t stand this team. 

This is par for the course for a portion of the Red Sox haters on social media. Fans who are afraid to root for the Red Sox, a team they have openly stated they have loved throughout their lives. Fans who are openly rooting against them are afraid to be let down. They rather invest negativity versus believing in the club.

The Yellow Jerseys

The Red Sox have won seven in a row all while wearing their yellow City Connect jerseys. Red Sox Manager Alex Cora and his players plan on wearing their yellow jerseys until they lose.

“We decided it was going to be for the Baltimore series,” Cora said. “Then on Monday, I texted Tommy [Goodwin] and said, ‘Tommy, we’re going yellow tomorrow?’ He’s like, ‘Let me talk to Sam [Kennedy]. Then I texted Bogie and said, ‘Yellow tomorrow.’ He said, ‘Of course we are.’ It’s one of those. That’s how it works.”

Portions of the media hate the Red Sox wearing these yellow uniforms. Jim Murray from 98.5 The Sports Hub has been outspoken against the Red Sox for the majority of the season. As the third chair on the Felger and Mazz radio show, he has publicly stated the Red Sox season was over. To the point of even bringing a box of nails on to the show and shaking the box for the audience to hear. 

Murray took to Twitter answering a question about the jerseys. 

Murray has been outspoken against the yellow uniforms and wants the Red Sox to return to their more traditional look. However, the Sox are winning in these jerseys and it shouldn’t matter what they are wearing.

Superstitions are incredibly common in baseball and if the Sox think the yellow jerseys are helping them win, then wear them. The fact that the radio talking heads even care about the jersey the Sox are wearing is petty and disingenuous.

Lou Merloni’s Epic Rant

On Thursday morning, WEEI’s Lou Merloni ripped the Boston media and rightfully so. Merloni typically records himself on a walk in the morning and will talk Sox. Thursday morning’s Sox rant was directed at WEEI alum Gerry Callahan, Dan Shaughnessy and rival radio station 98.5 The Sports Hub. 

Merloni accused 98.5 The Sports Hub of being anti-Red Sox because that is the only team they do not have on their radio station. Whether or not that is true, that premise does make some sense. Over the course of the season, the media has gotten critical of the Sox front office.

“The tone of that show is that baseball sucks, the sport is dead, you shouldn’t care, you shouldn’t go, and you people are too dumb to realize that it’s the only team that they don’t broadcast. This is the memo that they have passed to their entire station; they don’t want you to watch, they don’t want you to care, they don’t want you to listen.”

That was especially true following the trade deadline when the Sox came away with Kyle Schwarber and two relievers. When the club went on a spiral out of first place, Murray specifically was ready to nail the coffin shut on the Sox season.

Merloni’s rant was much needed, there is no reason to not like or root for the Red Sox. The Sox have exceeded expectations from the start of the season. Fans should not be shamed into rooting for the Red Sox. They are an amazing story and might make some major noise in the postseason.


It is completely okay to root and like this Red Sox team. This club has exceeded expectations all season long and believe it or not, a lot of the moves Chaim Bloom has made has been positive for this team. I do enjoy listening to the Sports Hub and generally do everyday. The daily banter of anti-Sox takes have been wearing on me and I am sure many other fans as well.

There is only one thing the Red Sox can do to shove it right back in the faces of the haters and that is win. If the Sox win in yellow, red, white, blue or in the nude, no one should care. This team could make some noise in October but for some reason, there’s fans and media that are afraid of that and I am not sure why.

– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

Feature image courtesy of Boston.com

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