Red Sox trade for All-star outfielder Kyle Schwarber

The MLB trade deadline concludes today and there’s already some big splashes that went down. We had the Yankees take Anthony Rizzo from the Red Sox hands. Typical Yankees! There was the Max Scherzer and Trea Turner trade to the Dodgers. As if the Dodgers needed anymore firepower! But the Red Sox weren’t completely silent Thursday night as they acquired All-star outfielder Kyle Schwarber from the Washington Nationals.

I just have a hunch that this isn’t the only move that Chaim Bloom will make before the trade deadline. While we wait for other moves to be made, let’s examine the Schwarber trade in more detail!

The Red Sox get Another Power Bat in Kyle Schwarber

Schwarber on the season is hitting .253 with 25 homeruns (tied for 6th in the MLB) and 53 RBI’s on the season. Keep in mind too, Schwarber hit 12 homeruns in a 10 game stretch in the month of June. The guy has an uncanny amount of power. Plus, a left handed hitter at Fenway who can also pepper the green monster with doubles? Yeah, give me that guy!

The Red Sox Have Potentially Another Year of Control in Kyle Schwarber

So this is interesting coming from Jason Mastrodonato. The Red Sox could get Kyle Schwarber for an extra year of control for their 19th best prospect? Yeah, sign me up for that. However, a lot of reports have said this move would be strictly a rental. It would make sense. But if in some way Schwarber was back next year too, man oh man would that be fun to watch!

In Conclusion

Good on Chaim Bloom for pulling the trigger on the first trade. But I expect more to be coming. Jose Berrios is still out there on the trade market. Plus, there’s also this little interesting tidbit from Dan Lifshatz.

Could it be maybe Eric Hosmer from the San Diego Padres? Jimmy Stewart of 98.5 seems to think that could be the case.

Buckle up Red Sox fans. Kyle Schwarber probably won’t be the only move made before the 4 PM Friday deadline. Stay tuned!


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Featured Image Credit: The Athletic

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

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