It’s time for the Red Sox to give Rafael Devers his extension!

The Boston Red Sox have a young third baseman in Rafael Devers that is in need of an extension and soon. The third baseman has a 30 homerun season under his belt after hitting his 30th last night against the Minnesota Twins. Don’t get me wrong, the Red Sox have their problems. Matt Barnes is one of them. But this is about Rafael Devers. Devers is a guy that you need to lock up long term. Believe me, this is coming from somebody that didn’t love Devers right off the bat because of plate discipline issues and long swing at times. But now? It’d be foolish not to extend Rafael Devers and here are a few reasons why.

His Bat

We know that the bat is there when it comes to Devers. It’s no surprise that Devers is a constant lock in the middle of the Red Sox lineup. A 30 homerun season is no joke. Devers is locking into some power that will be with him for the next several years. JD Martinez won’t be around much longer and who knows what the future looks like with Xander Bogaerts. So it may help to keep a middle of the order bat in the lineup for the next 5-7 years.

His Improved Defense

Rafael Devers defense has dramatically improved. In the early days, we as fans would cringe when the ball was hit Devers way. At this point, routine plays aren’t as breathtaking and he’s even making some really nice plays as well. This is a far cry from where we were at when Devers first came up to the Red Sox. Plus, if you really wanted to get creative; you could put Devers at first base in the future or even make him your everyday DH once JD Martinez leaves.

In Conclusion

Give Devers his extension. He’s earned it with his last few years of play for the Red Sox. Chaim Bloom need to open up the checkbook. It’s time to start thinking about your longterm future with the current young talent that you have on the current roster.

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Featured image courtesy of: The Athletic

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter) 

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