Into the Triangle Podcast Episode 29: Recaps, Crying, and Maybe a Glimmer of Hope?

We have a few new episodes coming your way with the Into the Triangle podcast. It’s been a hectic (and mostly awful!) few weeks for the Red Sox and we have you covered here.

The Crew This Episode

Jared is out again while continuing his daddy duties. But don’t worry, we have a solid crew in place. Diego Galvis comes back to give us his hot takes. We also have long time CGS writer Kevin Perdios (@perdios95) join us as we talk a LOT of Red Sox misery.

Topics Discussed This Week

Boy oh boy, where do we even begin? We start off with a horrible series against the Yankees in the Bronx. The three guys groan about how bad this series was as a whole. Since it looks like the Red Sox will continue to stink this year, the guys get into moves for next season. Who said to sign a pitcher? Who said to pursue an All-star outfielder? Was there one co-host who suggested a big trade for an All-star infielder? After that, we get into the Jays series as well as an interesting hypothetical situation to end the show. There was a lot covered for a short amount of time.

Where Can You Find Us?

You’ve listened to a podcast before right? Well, wherever you listened to that podcast is where you can find us. The podcast can be found first and foremost on iTunes. iTunes is a very popular place for podcasts, so we’re on there. We also can be found on Spotify. Again, another popular place to get podcasts. You can also find us on Podbean. If you absolutely can’t go to any of those places, find us right here on the CGS websites. Otherwise, sit back, relax, and enjoy the misery of the Red Sox with us in the latest Into the Triangle episode.

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