Into the Triangle Episode 30: Andrew Benintendi to the IL, JD Martinez Future, and Phillies/Red Sox Fans Unite?

It’s episode 30 of Into the Triangle. That’s right folks, right after you’re done listening to episode 29…BOOM! We have another one ready to go for you. No Jared yet again because of daddy duty. But hopefully, he’ll be back next week. Jared being back next week is more hopeful than this Red Sox team. It seems like around every corner, there’s another obstacle. Anyways, here’s the episode and everything you need to know about it.

The Crew This Episode

Like we said, no Jared this week. But I made sure to have a solid crew to talk about this Red Sox team that well…has seen better days. Diego Galvis is back for a third straight episode and could see a lot of “pinch hit” opportunities in the future. We also have CGS writer Jon Sensi with us this week. Jon has radio experience at Gordon College, so he was a great fit to come on as a neutral party to everything going on with the Red Sox lately.

Topics This Week

We only dug into a few topics this week. Andrew Benintendi is now on the IL. What does this mean for him and the Red Sox going forward? It’s a shame because it looked like Benintendi was starting to find his way, just a bit. After Benintendi talks, we discuss what the Red Sox should do with JD Martinez. Would it set them back big time if they traded JD or let him go in the offseason? Finally, we talk about how Phillies fans and Red Sox fans can help each other through this weird season.

Where Can You Find Us?

You can find us on here to start. We’re also on iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, and basically anywhere else you can find a podcast. So sit back, relax, and enjoy episode 30 of Into the Triangle.

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