Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 81: Lamar Miller to the Pats! | Celtics and Bruins Playoff Previews!

It’s another week of your favorite North Shore Massachusetts podcast, Legends Lingo! We have episode 81 at your disposal and per usual, there is a LOT to talk about!

Topics Covered This Week

There was a TON to cover this week. so let me break it down for you all here.

First, we talked about the Patriots signing Lamar Miller. Did we like the deal when it went down? What does that mean for a guy like Sony Michel? We break that down off the top.

After that, we talk about Brian Johnson getting released by the Red Sox. Was it the right move for all parties involved? Why was he not pitching at all for the Red Sox in this dumpster fire of a season? We break that down and don’t even bother talking actual Red Sox statistics because newsflash, they SUCK!

We get into the Bruins and their first round matchup with the Carolina Hurricanes. Will their Round Robin effort show in the first round? Are we confident in this team going forward?

Finally, we end with the Celtics and talk about how ideal a first round matchup with the Philadelphia 76ers will be. Are we too overconfident about the matchup? Listen in to find out.

Where Can You Find Us?

The usual places. The CGS website is a good first place to start. Otherwise, you can find us on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud. Honestly, you’ll find us if you put in just a little bit of effort. We’re becoming more known, so find us and give us a listen on any platform.


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