Into the Triangle Episode 38: Michael Chavis an Odd Man Out?

We got episode 38 of the Into the Triangle podcast right here for you to enjoy! With the Red Sox starting their season as this is being typed, it only made sense that put out the remaining of our episodes to get into the swing of baseball season. Let’s get down to business to talk about what went down this episode.


The topics for this episode were few and far in between. Not a lot to talk about as this was a few weeks ago. But one topic we had to talk about is Michael Chavis. Michael Chavis is a guy that should be on this roster. But does he really have a spot on this Red Sox team? We get into the debate and there might be something interesting that one of us said that you don’t want to miss!

Also, we got some talk about the back end of the starting rotation. This starting rotation is going to be hurting with Chris Sale still on the shelf until maybe the All-star break. So with that in mind, we need the Red Sox back end of the rotation to step up big time. We talk about the signings they brought in during the off-season and see if they can be of any value for the Red Sox in 2021.

Where Can You Find Us?

You can find us on a lot of the major podcast platforms. We are on iTunes, which I’m sure all of you have heard of before, right? Right. Okay cool, moving on! We’re also on Anchor, apple podcasts, and pretty much anywhere else where you can find a podcast. Seriously ladies and gentlemen, just look up “Into the Triangle” on google and you’ll be just fine with finding us.

Other than that, enjoy episode 38, the Curt Schilling episode; of the Into the Triangle podcast!

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