Winners And Losers From Opening Day

The start of the MLB season was yesterday and boy was it a fun start. We had a bunch of entertaining games from start to finish. Including games that ended up being football score and had games that had little runs being scored. As a fan, yesterday was the best start to the season that we have had in a while. With that being said here are my winners and losers from Opening Day.



Toronto Blue Jays 

The Blue Jays came from behind yesterday and pulled out an extra inning win over the Yankees. Toronto’s bullpen was fantastic yesterday and it gives some good signs for this season. If Toronto’s rotation and bullpen play like that all season long, they will be hard to beat. They have a talented lineup and are without their big free agent acquisition George Springer as well. As someone who predicted the Blue Jays winning the AL East this season. Seeing how they started off the season yesterday has me thinking that they are ready to make a big time run in the playoffs.



New York Mets And Washington Nationals

We were suppose to see Jacob deGrom vs Max Scherzer last night. Unfortunately, there are players and a staff member from the Nationals organization that tested positive for Covid-19. With that happening, we will see this weekend series get postponed until further notice. Hopefully everybody that has Covid-19 from the Nationals is ok and that they will be back on the field again soon.



St. Louis 

The St. Louis Cardinals jumped out to a great start to the 2021 campaign. They scored six runs in the first inning and never looked back from there. Rookie Dylan Carlson hit a Grand Slam in his first at bat of the season. St. Louis’ lineup looks like it is about to be in the conversation as one of the best in the MLB. This team looks like they are going to be the Cardinals team of old where they absolutely dominate the entire league heading into the post season. I love the Cardinals this season and seeing what they did in game one is a huge plus in my eyes.



The Six Struggling Aces

We saw six aces absolutely struggle in their season debut on Thursday. Seeing guys like Kershaw and Darvish struggle in their season debuts is not a good sign for some teams. Hopefully it will be more of a hiccup on their season, but for some they might not be able to get back in the winning ways for a while now. I believe that Darvish and Flaherty will bounce back. I won’t lie to you I am worried about the other four. Wasn’t a good day for aces to start off the season and they are the losers of opening day.

-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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