Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 114: Jimmy G, Red Sox Opening Day and Celtics Trade Deadline Reactions!

It’s episode 114 of the Legends Lingo podcast and baseball is basically back! As I type this, the Red Sox pregame is happening for first pitch of the first game of 2021. But enough about that, let’s get into the episode itself, shall we?

Guest This Week

Our guest this week is CGS writer, podcaster, and editor Matt Burnett. Matty B joins us as there is a lot going on in the land of Boston sports. Give Matty B a shoutout on twitter, @mattthew_jordan and go listen to his podcast, Burnie and Chris. Matty B was awesome to have on and somebody that will be back on at some point in the future.

Topics This Week

There’s a lot of different topics across the board. First off, what’s going on with Jimmy Garoppolo? Is he coming to the Patriots or is he staying in San Francisco? We talk about if we want Jimmy G as a Patriot again and what comes with that. After that, we get into the Red Sox because boy are we glad that baseball is back! We get into opening day, how the Sox could look and what to expect from this 2021 team. Finally, the Celtics. They made a few moves at the deadline and we break it all down at the end.

Where Can You Find Us?

You can find us on just about any podcast platform you know. We’re on the big ones, iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. If you want to see our ugly faces on video, we’re also on the CGS YouTube page. So do us a favor and go check us out and listen to what we have to say. Oh, we’re also on the CGS website under the podcast tab on the site. We’re easy to find!


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Other than that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest Legends Lingo episode!


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