How Much Better Would The Red Sox Be With Mookie Betts

We Knew He Was Good…

Mookie looks so good in Dodger Blue, and I hate it.

He has also been playing pretty well, if not up to his lofty standards.

That being said, he had a NIGHT yesterday.

The former MVP hit for 3 homers in a game – for the 6th time in his career.

Mookie’s 2020

We are still at a small sample size, but Mookie hadn’t been raking AS much season.

After his stellar game, Mookie is back where he belongs and his line looks like this:

Average: .319

OPS: 1.074

HR: 7

RBI: 15

WAR (bbref): 1.6

In such a small sample, one monster game can catapult you, as it did with Mookie. We all know he could keep it up the rest of the season as well…

Would It Matter To The Sox?

I mean.. it would be nice but it wouldn’t help.

Even if Mookie’s greatness had giving us two extra wins, the Sox would still be bad.

Also, the Sox have lost by…uhh.. a lot. 

The pitching is as bad as we all thought.

The team is going nowhere fast and Mookie would not have helped.

All that being said, we still should have paid him.

Man, he looks good in Dodger blue…ouch.

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