Into the Triangle Episode 28: The Red Sox Stink at Baseball

Here we are! The latest episode of Into the Triangle is here and honestly, it’s not with great news. The Red Sox stink at baseball right now, everyone. But, we’re a Red Sox podcast and we have to talk about them through the good and the bad. Jared and I always regret not starting this podcast up in 2018 when you know, they were a World Series champion. Anyways, here’s the latest episode and we’ll get you all caught up.

The Crew This Week

It’s a bit of a different crew this week. No Jared on this one as he’s now a dad and has early dad brain. Yes, that’s a legitimate thing. In all seriousness, really happy for Jared and Laura. So I took over this week with two co-hosts. The first one you may recognize from Legends Lingo and our new gambling podcast, the Chasers. (@TheChasers617 on twitter) It’s none other than Fiesta. In the third chair, we have fellow CGS writer Diego Galvis making his podcasting debut. It’s a solid three man crew talking about a team that has severely let us down this season so far.

Topics This Episode

There isn’t much positivity going on this episode. The Red Sox lost 2 of 3 to the Orioles and split with the Mets. We got into what’s gone wrong so far. The Red Sox then had to go to the Bronx and Tropicana for a three game series with the Yankees and two game series with the Rays. We gave our record predictions. Spoiler: they weren’t great! We end with talking about the Marlins and how they were moronic for having so many COVID cases.

Where Can You Find Us?

iTunes is the best place to start. The website is another good one as well. Just type in “Into the Triangle” and you’ll find us. Other than that, enjoy three Red Sox fans bitching about this miserable team!

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