Into the Triangle Episode 24: WE’RE BACK AND SO IS BASEBALL!!

It’s been a long time coming, but the BOYS ARE BACK! Jared and Al return with a new episode of “Into the Triangle” after a small…seven month hiatus. But have no fear, because the boys have this new episode ready to go for all of you loyal fans.

What’s Covered This Week?

Obviously, there’s a ton that we could’ve covered that we didn’t get to in this one. Like Jared says in the actual episode, we could’ve recorded for four hours, had that been the case. But in this one, we discuss whether or not baseball actually has a solidified plan to come back. Are there any doubts that either co-host has with baseball supposedly back? Will COVID-19 affect baseball for not just 2020, but also for the foreseeable future? Remember, this isn’t a case like in 1998 when we had a homer race to help reinvent the sport. Finally, we get into how this will all affect the Red Sox. Do they have the offense to carry them through a 60 game season? How will the pitching staff play into this? Does a certain co-host’s mother have any words of wisdom regarding the Red Sox? That and more (sorry for the text message consistently pinging in the episode, figured out how to shut that off for the future!) in this one.

Where Can You Find Us?

Pretty much anywhere that you can access a podcast, you’ll find us. We’re on iTunes, and that’s honestly you best bet. But all of these other places that can be used to find a podcast, just go there. Follow us on Twitter as well, @IntotheTriangle, as we try to build up the page. Again, we should’ve been recording here and there. But hey, quarantine happened. None of that matters now though. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your new episode of “Into the Triangle” right now!

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