BREAKING NEWS: Cam Newton Signs 1-Year Deal With Patriots!!!

Former NFL MVP Cam Newton has signed a 1-year deal with New England Patriots as of an hour ago!

Newton will now step into the mix to replace Tom Brady for the New England Patriots.

If it wasn’t clear already, the Patriots make this move in one of the most unpredictable manners possible. Thank you, Bill!

Bringing Cam Newton into the patriots brings so much more than one thinks. Cam can certainly run and he is one of the toughest QB’s in the league to tackle.

The Reactions across the team are also very positive, making this a heck of a power move and also bringing the heat to the AFC North once again!

So New England, I just have one question for you….

Matthew Slater Dancing GIF by New England Patriots - Find & Share ...

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ)

Diego Galvis

Born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Boston, MA. Boston-Based DJ VP of Operations at Couch Guy Sports.

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