While Coronavirus continues to be the center of our lives, many sports are starting to find ways to return. The return of these sports are helping in a way for our lives to feel “normal”. I am excited to report that the NBA Season will continue and it will be a very exciting return! Here is a first look at what the plan is for the NBA’s Return:

  • Training Camp: Training camp for all teams will be held in Orlando during the month of July, ahead of the season’s restart.
    • Players WILL undergo daily COVID-19 testing and will be required to practice social distancing.
  • Return To Play Format: The season will resume with 22 teams in Orlando beginning July 30th, every team will play 8 regular-season games to determine playoff sending.
  • 22 Teams: Aside of the 16 playoff teams in the picture, the following teams have been invited to fight for the 8th playoff berth in their respective conferences:
    • New Orleans Pelicans.
    • San Antonio Spurs.
    • Portland Trail Blazers.
    • Sacramento Kings.
    • Phoenix Suns.
    • Washington Wizards.
  • Potential Play-In: This might actually be the coolest part of the whole return! “Should a #8 seed have a 4-game lead at the end of the regular season then that team will be awarded the final spot.” The flip side is that if they don’t, then the #8 and #9 seed will compete in a play-in tournament. Here’s the kicker though: “The #8 seed only needs to win once, the #9 seed must win twice to claim the final playoff spot” Yikes!!!

Boston Celtics Schedule Upon Return

Those of us who are Boston Celtics fans, let’s get ready!!!

The schedule for the Celtics return is a hot one, there is not one game you as a fan shouldn’t be watching. Here is a first look at what that schedule looks like:

So in the case that you are wondering….

Who else is excited for this return!!! Let’s go!!

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ)


Diego Galvis

Born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Boston, MA. Boston-Based DJ VP of Operations at Couch Guy Sports.

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