I Officially Denounce Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Ohio

Listen, I’m sick of coronavirus, you are sick of coronavirus, we are all sick of coronavirus.  That being said we all know without a shadow of a doubt that we should remain in quarantine for our own safety.  Whoops! Not these dumb dumbs!

Can you believe they let these places be states without adult supervision?  I am not sure how these governors get out of bed everyday without hurting themselves if they don’t have the common sense to understand how stupid this is. You’d expect this behavior out of Florida I think we all did.  I even can believe Ohio, I mean… it’s Ohio. That place stinks. But the rest of them?  No sir.

The worst one right now is Georgia. Opening bowling alleys is quite possibly the most preposterous move to make in a pandemic. You mean to tell me the place where every kid has at least one birthday and everybody shares shoes is now open?!? Everybody who walks into a bowling alley right now deserves euthanization. No exceptions.  And not even one of the peaceful ways either.

I truly do not understand the coronavirus which is evident when I claimed to want coronavirus.  But somehow I proved to know more than all of these governors when I said I no longer wanted coronavirus .  Truly unbelievable stuff.  So shoutout to everybody who lives in those states because you undoubtedly have the virus already.  RIP.

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-Jon Sensi (@jon_sensi)

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