Here We Go Again: Couch Guy Trivia Round 2

Thursday night is round two of the Couch Guy Sports Trivia competition. If you missed the first one, what have you been doing? Living under a rock?

You can watch all of that if you want to or I can just tell you what happened. I wiped the floor with these people. My podcast co-host, Gilli, was no where to be found for much of the game. Luckily he came in just in time to ace a Celtics question but from watching this contest, I didn’t really need him to win.

So let’s break down what could be happening, who the contestants are and what has been said as we near the competition, in about 24 hours time from when you’re reading this.

Who isn’t Back

Apparently this is a controversy? Well only for one podcast who can’t get it through their heads that people only want to see winners, but we will get to them in a second.

Couch Guy Sports Podcast, The Godfather podcast that started this entire website, talked a ton of smack before the last competition and that smack wasn’t just thrown back in their face, it was stuffed down their throat. They will not be returning just yet.

Legends Lingo, whether or not you think they got shoveled easy questions came in second. That’s good enough to be the first place loser, so sorry you’re also sitting out this round.

And we get to Small State Big Takes. Who apparently feels slighted for not being invited back? Again the premise is simple, you answer enough questions correctly you get to keep playing, you don’t, you go home. Sure they dominated the Red Sox questions as we all assumed they would, but the categories after that they were more inept than the 2019 Patriots offense. And for them reading this ready to respond that I’m wrong, Oliver at the one hour, nine minute mark, thinking that the Chicago Blackhawks play in the Eastern Conference is all the reasoning I need to kick their sorry keisters out of round two.

How much unwarranted bellyaching can one podcast do? They are like the Cleveland Browns whining about not being let in the playoffs because they went 6-10 and it’s better than they usually do. This is a winner take all game boys, no second place trophies in this sport, enjoy your view from the sidelines the real ones are playing.

The Contestants

Alright I got that off my chest about Small Takes being salty for no fault except their own. Whoops maybe I still have some more to say about it…

Here are your contestants for the upcoming contest.

Pete Chatterton & Brent “Big Bucks” Buckley

Apparently “Big Bucks Buckley” is this guys’ legal name? Pete’s name on Twitter says Peter, but I am going to call him Pete in this, hoping it’s a mental thing he can’t handle, and breaks down whenever someone doesn’t put the ‘r’ at the end of his name. Something so simple, yet can unravel a person very quickly. It’s my own brand of Michael Jordan mental war.

I don’t know a ton about this pairing, from what I know they don’t host a podcast or something like that together, I think they’re just friends? But Petey boy did flatter me with a tweet recognizing my dominance in round one.

Jess Belmosto & Jess Donahue

Jess #2 and Jess #3, again more psyche warfare here, they will be wondering who in the hell is Jess #1? Why is she Jess #1 and not one of us? I’ll let you in on a secret, there is no Jess #1.

We saw in round one Fiesta of Legends Lingo catch fire during the Patriots and Bruins categories and these two ladies I feel like could do the same. Hockey people know a ton of stuff, just like college sports people do. I can see a sneaky wild card play here for Jess’ #4 and #5. (See what I did there?)

The Rafters Pod

They’ve been doing a ton of talking.

I mean imagine having the stones to claim that you should have better odds than the defending champ. Insane! I’m not sure who will be competing on their end, sure they will probably mop up the Celtics category but that’s just one section they’re in proficient in.

Also their host’s twitter handle is @CouchGuyBigC yet in his bio it says he is a “former writer for Couch Guy” so which one is it? Also his name is Connor, my name is Connor. and that just ain’t gonna fly.

Verbally Committed 

This time there will be no wondering where is Mike Gilligan? He won’t be there, he will be at a prior engagement, which is fine because honestly I didn’t really need him the first time anyways. So instead I am going with my good friend, Steve Scott who played on behalf of Small Takes last time. I think he might know enough useless Red Sox knowledge to help me out enough to once again secure a victory.

All I have to say is this must be how Belichick and Brady felt when they saw the rest of the AFC East loading up talent. Each team and fan base thinking that this was finally their chance at glory. Because I’m sitting here smirking thinking to myself, “If you’re going to come at the king, you better aim for his head, and you best not miss.”


These were the latest odds, as I write this blog on Tuesday night. And as you can see I am where I belong, however my lead has slipped a tiny bit. No matter, we are still the favorites and that’s what matters.

Jersey Hat Combo?

Last time I wore a Portland Sea Dogs hat, with a Timberwolves, Kevin Garnett jersey. I’m debating what my combo should be this week?

Jersey wise I could go Davidson: Steph Curry, Kings: Jimmer Fredette, Celtics: Jayson Tatum, 90’s Patriots: Tedy Bruschi or the coups de gras, Buffalo Bills: Drew Bledsoe…

And as far as hats go, I have a ton of options, endless really. But here’s what I am debating. Throwback Florida Marlins, Cincinnati Mr. Red, Pawtucket Fighting Quahogs or the team I work for the Sioux City Explorers hat.

We shall wait and see what I come up with. Maybe I’ll leave it to a twitter vote.

Connor Ryan (@connoryan68/@PodVerbalCommit)

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