Call of Duty 2020 Has Been Leaked?

The video game world is going to have a big shake up in 2020/2021.  With the arrival of the Xbox X and PS5, along with new sports games, Halo (very excited!), and of course the annual Call of Duty.  Around this time last year, we started to see ads and marketing for CoD: Modern Warfare and it generated a ton of excitement in the gaming community.  Before this CoD, the last 3-4 were just lost games.  But Modern Warfare did bring the franchise back to the golden days with more boots on the ground action and the critically acclaimed Warzone game mode.

But, we have not heard a single thing from Treyarch about the release of CoD 2020.  Like what is the plot? What console will it be on? Are we getting a BR map?  So many questions, yet zero talk around the new game.  Granted, Treyarch does have until September to really start pushing out details considering it releases in November.  But earlier this week we had our first “leak” about the new Call of Duty.

According to IGN, Dataminers got into some files and found a file titled “The Red Door.”  For starters I have no idea what that means at all.  I don’t know how dataminers can just stumble across files like this, but anyway.  When “The Red Door” file was opened and it downloaded as “Call of Duty: Black Ops CIA.”

Finally we have a title, even if it could be fake it’s a title.  The dataminers even went further and named a few multiplayer maps, zombies map and possible warzone map.  Now with this all being a huge maybe, I’m not sure what to expect.  I liked the original Black Ops 1 and 2, but 3 and 4 were some of the worst CoD games I have ever played.  I also don’t think we should let Treyarch and Activision off the hook for what they did with CoD: WW2 (the worst game in the CoD franchise).  But I’m excited for this game.

Personally I think they are going to play it safe like what Modern Warfare did this year.  The game was good, it had a fun multiplayer and Warzone was a smash hit.  Obviously the game had some aspects that I hated but overall it is a solid game.  I think Black Ops CIA is going to also play it very safe.  With the failure of Black Ops 4 and getting completely outdone by Infinity Ward in the Battle Royale aspect of the game, Black Ops CIA needs to be a hit.

I think they should give the fans some new, fun multiplayer maps.  Go crazy with them, stop making everything a 3 row map!  It get’s boring after a while.  And thank God we have zombies coming back.  I think zombies is a much better mode than Warzone and much more iconic to the CoD franchise.  I hope Treyarch gives the fans something different and refreshing for CoD 2020.  This is what made them a hit with Black Ops 1 and 2.

John (Uncle_Mac4)

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