Fantasy Football: Waiver Wire Pickups!

The NFL season is just around the corner and for football fans, this means it’s time for Fantasy Football Leagues! 

Often you see articles about who you should pick and should stay away from, or the Do’s and Don’ts. In this occasion, I am going with the fantasy football waiver wire pickups to keep an eye on during fantasy season.

QB Fantasy Waiver Wire Pickups!

Alright, so to start things off, let’s look at quarterbacks.

There is certainly no question that this years’ QB class will be one of the most competitive ones to watch. You got great rookies this year and you got veterans like Aaron Rodgers, Kyler Murray, Josh Allen, Russell Wilson looking to prove something this season. However, there always seems to be that one QB that teams and people sleep on, this year it will be no different.

For me, the one QB to keep an eye on is Justin Fields

Justin Fields gives the Bears' coach and GM a second chance - Sports Illustrated

(Image credit to SI.com)

Ah yes, good ole Chicago Bears. Now, before you go saying how I am out of my mind, allow me to remind you of something. It’s the Chicago Bears and unfortunately until Matt Nagy can get out of his own ways, they will manage to under-utilize or screw up on Justin Fields. Just in the offseason, the Bears went out and got Andy Dalton who they immediately named QB1. The Bears also still have Nick Foles in their team and it would not surprise me to see Nagy utilize Foles and Dalton first before he trusts Fields with the ball. If anything, expect Fields to get an opportunity come week 8, once Nagy becomes frustrated in Dalton and Foles.

Running Back/Wide Receiver Waiver Wire!

There is a lot of power in this years’ running back class as well as receiving.

Often, you see people go immediately in for picks like Derrick Henry, Alvin Kamara, Dalvin Cook and of course, CMC! However, just last year proved that injuries rule the game in this position and I think this year it will once again.

There is one running back though, that I think is worth picking up. He was a sneaky good pickup last year and he will be someone that people will sleep on this year and realize, oh shoot! I should’ve picked him up. His name is James Robinson. The 22 year old out of Illinois State impressed last year having played 14 games, scored 7 TD’s, rushed for 1070 yards and brought value off the bench for those of you fantasy football people. If I was you, that’s someone I am picking up if he’s at the waivers and you have a seriously injured person in your lineup.

Now onto Wide-Receivers. There are two-receivers that comes to mind as an excellent sneaky pick from the waiver wire and it is no other than Jerry Jeudy and Cole Beasley. Yes, the guy that has been controversial for not wanting the vaccine! That guy. Politics aside, the dude actually performed very well for Buffalo last year and was often a trusted target by Josh Allen if Diggs wasn’t open. If anything, Cole will likely have that same role this year and therefore will fall in the waivers. Scoop him up!

Jeudy on the other hand, I just think he’s overshadowed by the Denver offensive weapons but one guy that could be a great pickup!

Other Miscellaneous Pick Ups!

There are two positions that I think of in fantasy football waiver transactions that at times are disregarded. Those are, Tight-End and Defense.

Last year I was in 4 fantasy football leagues, 2 of which I won and the other 2 which I was either 2nd or 3rd. However in both leagues, when it came to Tuesday being my fantasy football waiver transaction day, there was always a need for defensive improvements due to injuries or just things not working out during the season. Additionally, the lack for tight-end contribution to the team was always an issue.

Don’t be surprise to see great defenses be up for grabs in the fantasy football waiver list, I mean just last year someone dropped the Colts Defense and it turned out to be a huge contributor for me points-wise.

For Tight-Ends, there are two names I recommend keeping an eye on if they become available. Brevin Jordan and Robert Tonyan. Brevin was drafted by the Texans and probably someone who their QB will likely go to in most instances. Tonyan on the other hand, I mean do I really need to explain myself?

Anyways, to all out there, have fun this season in fantasy football!

(Featured image credit to neosportsinsiders.com)

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