Fantasy Football Advice Do and Don’ts of Drafting

Football season is right around the corner and with that comes another season of fantasy football! With fantasy football approaching quickly drafts are about to begin. If you are a commissioner or player here is some fantasy football advice do and don’ts of drafting.

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Do Draft After Preseason

Do draft after preseason games end. Preseason games often bring unexpected injuries that will impact your lineups or players. We have seen it countless times before a big name is out for the season or multiple weeks. For example during the 2015 preseason Jordy Nelson who was Rodger’s prime target at the time had a knee injury that set him out all season. Then not as big name at the time second year Davante Adams replaced him. Drafting during preseason can ultimately screw up a team. I understand sometimes with peoples schedules or live drafts this is unavoidable. If that is the case try to wait it out till week 3 games as starters tend to rest later in preseason.

Don’t Auto-draft

If you know nothing about fantasy football auto-drafting may be for you. However, auto-draft tends to take the next available player on the board. It can end up by needs but once these needs are filled it can screw you over. I have been in a draft where auto-draft gave a team 5 QB’s. Nobody needs that many QB’s on their team. Auto-draft can take a kicker or defense way to early. It can also lead to someone else getting a steal at a position needed. Sometimes the computer does not account for injuries or suspensions either. Make the time to be online or in person for your draft. In the long run it will help you not having to do trades or waiver wire to remake your team the way you want it.

Do Select RB or WR Round 1

This is my personal strategy depending where I sit in the drafting order. The first few picks always seem to be those elite RB’s. Why? Because this is where you will load up on points. RB’s guarantee more TD’s if you are close to the end zone they should run the ball, (unless you’re Seattle in Super Bowl 49). They also provide consistent yardage per game. However, if you are a later pick in round 1 a smart move is to grab an elite WR. Especially in a point per reception league where you know they are a prime target of their QB. Think Julio Jones for example he may not score a lot of TD’s but he has plenty of receptions per game. With this strategy in a snake draft when it comes back to you grab a decent RB at your second pick. 

Don’t Select People Off Your Favorite Team

Again this is really my preference. Many times people who do not know football as a whole but know their team will just grab from there. This will not help you in the long run. Why? Because your points will be determined by how well your team does weekly. Personally as a Dallas Cowboys fan I do not want that added stress weekly. There are some exceptions to this rule though. If you know this player is a steal when your drafting DO IT. If you are a fan of a team that has superstar fantasy players DO IT. But limit it to that one player and that one player only (kickers and defense do not count here).

Do Try for a QB/WR Combo

Two words… DOUBLE POINTS! You get points for the TD from the QB throwing it and points for the TD from the WR scoring it. This strategy sometimes is hard to accomplish but can be very effective if done right. You do not even need the star WR to accomplish this one. In years past my personal combination has been Russell Wilson to Tyler Lockett. Again if not doable this strategy can be done with RB and/or TE as well. But, I find the most effective combo of QB to player being the WR position.

Don’t Have Too Many Players With Same Bye Week

This one is not as big of a don’t but can screw you over for one week of your fantasy football season. Sometimes to get superstars people are okay with this. But, it can give another team an easy win week if too many of your players are not playing. This can also effect your season if the byes fall in a week of prepping for the playoffs. My rule of thumb is to make sure you do not have more then 2 of any position on bye at the same time. If you draft two RB’s with the same bye DO NOT draft a third with this same bye. If your whole bench ends up on bye on a week you have drafted too many people with the same bye. I like to have options for playing.

Do be on the Lookout for More Fantasy Football Content!

There are other tips and tricks when it comes to fantasy football and the draft but these are a few of my do and don’t’s when it comes to drafting. As the football season moves forward CouchGuySports will be providing more advice and articles about fantasy football. Be on the lookout for more! As during the season these could help you win your league!

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~Josie Averitt (JosieAve on Twitter)

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