Falling Back In Love With The Celtics

Hold the phone! Last night’s Celtics 117-108 win over the Raptors was insane, to say the least.

To be honest, I was just starting to fade away from this team. I felt as if we needed a break because they kept ripping my heart out. Losing three games in a row to mediocre teams really did a number on me.

I was frustrated with the lack of leadership and assertiveness certain players were showing. Well, this game shut me up big time. Kyrie Irving erupted for 27 points and 18 ASSISTS. That’s right, Irving was dishing out assists left and right. The big man Al Horford also chipped in with 24 points.

Straight from the jump, Kyrie came out by delivering a dime to Horford and then hitting a tough contested three on the Celtics next possession. Irving needs to have the ball in his hands in order for this team to win. He sets the tempo and he is a proven winner.

I hope this young team saw what they are capable of last night. When EVERYONE buys in, the Celtics are a special team.

Brown didn’t have the best offensive night, but he didn’t let that affect him or the team. If you look at the boxscore, it sure looks like Brad Stevens played the correct guys fort he right amount of time.  This should be the starting lineup going forward. Keep Hayward and Brown on the bench because it obviously worked last night against one of the best teams in the NBA.

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Connor Strayer (@CouchGuyBigC)

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