Bruins Power Rankings: Top Six Jerseys in Franchise History

Having joined the NHL in 1924, the Bruins have had nearly a century of tinkering to find that look that really makes heads turn. Throughout their history, they’ve had over a couple dozen different uniform combos, so lets narrow it down to the top six. Why six? One for each Cup we’ve won, that’s why. Best Bruins jerseys starting off with number six, let’s go.

6: 1958-1959/ Winter Classic Golds

If nothing else, you’ll know that you’re watching the Bruins with these jerseys. The throwback jerseys worn at the Fenway Winter Classic are a unique look that only one team could rock. Also, you got to love that font for the “B”.

5: 1974-1995 Black Jerseys

1993-1994: Rightwinger Cam Neely of the Boston Bruins. Mandatory Credit: Robert Laberge /Allsport

To be honest, I’m not sure who made these jerseys more iconic. Cam Neeley or Happy Gilmore? There’s a lot to like with these jerseys. Black pants, sweater, and helemet with the gold socks….. oooo baby. Im not sure what my favorite part of these are, the design of the logo in the middle or the alternate logo above the numbers on each sleeve. I wouldn’t mind seeing these make a few spot appearneces in the near future

4: 1974-1995 White Jerseys

This was clearly just the golden age of Bruins jerseys. The alternate to the previous jersey, the white jerseys offered a very clean look. Everything I previously said about this jersey’s black counterpart can be said here. The best thing about these is there is no stripe going from the neck down to the wrists. Much better look this way.

3: 2008-2016 Third Jerseys

These used to be my go-to jerseys in NHL on XBOX for years. It has a special place in my heart because my first Bruins jersey was one of these bad boys. In all honesty, rocking all blacks in any sport has to give you some sort of mental adavatage right? Look good play good. It’s a proven fact. I also happen to be a sucker for amost all their jerseys with a bruin on it.

2: 2016 Winter Classic Jersey

BOSTON, MA – JANUARY 1: Patrice Bergeron #37 of the Boston Bruins skates against the Montreal Canadiens during the 2016 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic on January 1, 2016 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images)

Same idea as the last one but much better. First of all, the white numbers on the black jersey is clean. They pop off the black better than the gold. The yellow stripes on the sleeves are a good look too. Now lets get to what draws everyone’s eyes. That logo is beautiful. sharp, sharp look indeed.

1: 2018 Winter Classic Jersey

Admittedly I didn’t get to watch much of the Winter Classic this year. Between a hangover and doing “research” on college football bowl games, it just wasn’t a major priority. But the other night. let’s hockey Gods forgave me and the Bruins wore these beauties against the Canadiens. They caught my eye right away. The big logo in the middle, the white numbers on the sleeves, and the black/gold pattern as a secondary…..very nice. I look forward to seeing these again this year.

Sounds off in the comments on what your favorite jerseys in franchise history are.

-Dillon Leary

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