The Rafters Podcast: Pilot Episode

The Rafters Podcast: Pilot Episode

And here, we GO. The Rafters Podcast presented by Couch Guy Sports is now LIVE.

We’ve officially got the pilot episode for the show up and posted. We weren’t sure if this show was going to be released or not but you know what, why not?

Every. Single. Week. With Couch Guy Sports Celtics bloggers, Connor Strayer and Riley banks.

On the first episode they hit on it all through the Celtics season so far. It’s been the story since day one. What the hell is wrong with this team?

Marcus Morris shoves Jaylen Brown on the bench. Is the toxicity with this team going to be too much to overcome?

They toss out some trade options too since something clearly needs to change. Who gets dealt and who should they try to bring to Boston?

Kyrie Irving NEEDS to lead the team. But how realistic is that?

And teams are tanking for Zion Williamson. Is this the right move or are teams straight up dumb to do this?

Guys, PLEASE go rate and subscribe on iTunes and get this show GOING. We need support and if you liked it, spread the word and get more ears on the show.

Also, follow us on Twitter @TheRaftersPodcast where we’re constantly going to be posting show updates, Celtics news, and video clips. A brand new episode drops every single Wednesday with the hottest news and takes in the world of Boston’s basketball team.

Hit us up and let us know what you think. Here we go. The start of our newest show, The Rafters Podcast.

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