Euro 2020 So Far! #SoccerSaturdays

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another installment of #SoccerSaturdays!

In this installment, we need to touch base on the euro 2020 competition thus far. We will definitely need to talk about some of the interesting story lines, the intriguing teams and so much more. Let’s dive into euro 2020 and what it has brought so far!

What we’ve learned so far!

Ok, as the competition has gone on for now two weeks and teams have played 2 matches at least. We’ve learned a few things so far! What are some of those things though?

For starters, there is no such thing as a team that doesn’t belong in this competition. While many have focused on top talented teams, the “little” teams as they are often called, have created quite the competition in all groups. Some of those teams being Finland, Wales, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. So far, Finland, Austria and Wales are in a great spot to move onto the next round as long as they continue bringing results,

Moving onto Slovakia who finds themselves ahead of Spain in group E. Slovakia was heavily disregarded and a major underdog in this group, now they are 2nd in the group behind Sweden by 1 point. Then, we look at Hungary in the group of death¬†competing against France, Germany and Portugal. Yet, the Hungarians have managed to create chaos in a lethal group and have ensured that if they go down, they don’t go down easily by any means! In example, today when they played France, the most likely team to win this competition according to many.

The Major NOT-SO-Good Surprises

The euro 2020 competition has brought many surprises! However, I am going to focus on the teams that have surprised in a horrible way, considering just previously I gave you the storylines of those that have impressed.

For starters, England! Boy does Gareth Southgate suck! While on paper, many would agree especially with the amount of talent oozing in their lineup. However, their coach is simply on cloud-9 dreaming and hoping of results that are clearly not coming unless he changes things up and quickly. England finds themselves in 2nd behind Czech Republic in group D but frankly should be first if Southgate would just start players like Grealish, Sancho and Rashford. Good grief!

Moving onto another not-so-hot team, Spain! The Spaniards are proving they are clearly nobody without Sergio Ramos. At first, when I saw what Luis Enrique was bringing to this competition I was excited for the Spanish team. However, now that they are playing in this competition they are proving media outlets that they can’t do it without Ramos. The Spaniards played today what was possibly their best option to win in a group that has proven to be a close call. Yet, Spain blew away that opportunity¬†today¬†as Morata and Moreno both came short for La Furia Roja. Spain has got to figure it out, and quickly!

My Top 4 Teams – Euro 2020.

Alright, I dug enough into England and Spain especially as they are both what I consider Chihuahuas. A lot of bark and zero bite thus far in this competition. Now, its time to turn it around and provide you with who I see as my top 4 teams which I also see in the semi-finals.

One of my absolute favorite teams so far has been Italy. For many, the Italians were much of a sleeper pick and boy have they delivered big time for betters. The triple threat of Ciro Immobile, Manuel Locatelli and Lorenzo Inzigne have been extremely impressive for Italy. Nevertheless, so have the trio in the back of Bonucci, Donnarumma and Giorgio Chiellini.

Up next, Belgium and the Netherlands. I said this before the Euro 2020 competition started and I am going to say it again. DO NOT DISREGARD THEM! The Belgians have been a force to be reckoned with, while they are yet to be truly challenged, there is a reason they are the #1 national soccer team in the world and they have proven it so far. In the meantime, the Dutch without their talisman, Virgil Van Djik have managed to truly inspire their fan base especially as story lines like Denzel Dumfries continues to deliver a stunning tournament performance for the dutch man.

Lastly, I am satisfied with Portugal. I would be thoroughly impressed if Fernando Santos would realize that playing Diogo Jota isn’t truly working out as a starter but they have been sneaky good. The likes of Bruno Fernandes, Bernardo Silva and of course Cristiano Ronaldo have brought big time performances for the once before Euro 2020 champions.

Losing today against Germany was painful, but I do think they could bring it big time against France.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ On Twitter).

Diego Galvis

Born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Boston, MA. Boston-Based DJ VP of Operations at Couch Guy Sports.

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