Euro 2020 Semifinals Are Here!

Welcome back for more coverage of the Euro 2020 tournament.

As the euro 2020 tournament continues, the semifinals are lining up what could be a phenomenal ending. Let’s get to it right away!

Semifinal Game 1 – Italy vs. Spain.

Euro 2020 semi-final: Italy vs. Spain preview, predictions and team news | The Week UK

(Photo credit to theweek.co.uk)

For many soccer fans, this match here feels like a final. In one hand, you have an Italian team turning the page and looking like the next golden generation for the Italian National Team. Italy, who came to this tournament having one of the worse records ever in their history, have made a major bounce back under the management of Roberto Mancini.

Italy themselves have highly impressed in this tournament. Starting with their goalie, Gianluigi Donnarumma who has been an absolute wall in the back for this team. You look over at their defense, and the duo of Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci are just impossible to surpass. Unfortunately, one major setback for this team facing Spain this week is the loss of their wing-back, Leonardo Spinazzola who ruptured his Achilles tendon in a intense game against Belgium.

As we look over at this match, we need to look at how Spain even got here! The Spanish team comes into this match with a lot to answer. Simply, the Spaniards barely squeezed by a Swiss team that unfortunately didn’t deliver well under pressure when it came to the PK’s in the end.

Spain themselves have yet to figure out their midfield attack. Luis Enrique seriously needs to get that figured out now!

My prediction for this game is simple, Italy needs to continue doing what they do best. Simply, Italy’s attack is good enough to cause chaos for Spain however, if you are Italy you need to remember not to get super comfortable.

Semifinal Game 2 – England vs. Denmark!

UEFA Euro 2020 England vs. Denmark bold predictions: Harry Kane's revival continues; Bukayo Saka returns - CBSSports.com

(Photo credit to CBSsports.com)

Now this is going to be a battle!

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this match is going to be. We have to start by acknowledging how exciting Denmark has been as their story continues in the euro 2020 tournament. Your looking at a Danish team that has faced their struggles head on but used them to fuel themselves with plenty of motivation. Now, Denmark are here in euro semifinals. Denmark’s weaponry in defense and their creativity in the midfield, will cause this game to potentially go into extra-time if England can’t figure out their midfield.

Speaking of England, can we talk about Harry Kane and Jadon Sancho? If we can’t, we have to!

In the game against Ukraine, we finally saw the English team that fans feared coming into this tournament. Gareth Southgate managed a lineup that offered creativity in the midfield and on the wings, making it impossible for the Ukrainian defense to contain England. We also saw, Jadon Sancho put opportunities in the box for Harry Kane to be involved in this game.

For England, it will important to do the same as they did against Ukraine. Offer opportunities for Harry Kane and Sterling to be able to do their jobs upfront. So, Gareth please start Grealish and Sancho already!

Meanwhile for Denmark, keep doing what you doing and do your best to contain the midfield. Here is a harsh challenge but if there’s a team that can deal with it, it’d be Denmark.

So now that we’ve talked about the euro semifinals, what are my Euro final predictions? here they come!

Euro 2020 – The Final Prediction

Personally, I believe Italy is deserving of competing for the final. Their record thus far in this competition has been 5-0 which is absolutely remarkable given who they have faced. However, Italy does have a tall task in fulfilling the position left opened after the unfortunate injury to their best player in my opinion, Leonardo Spinazzola. If there is a team that can manage to overcome that, it should be Italy and in Roberto you should trust!

The other team that I think deserves to fight in the final is of course Denmark. However, until they face England in the euro semifinals, I am not sure if this is in the cards for them but it’d be an amazing storyline ending should that be the case.

However, there is no question in my mind that if we see England unleashed the way it was against Ukraine, the Euro 2020 cup could be coming home, finally!

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