Denmark’s Story Continues in Euro 2020 Tournament

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For those of you who have been following the Euro 2020 tournament, what an amazing tournament it has been. We can all agree that throughout this tournament, while many stories have developed, there is one story that will not be topped by any means. That story being, Denmark’s Euro 2020 story. Let’s dive into it!

Christian Eriksen’s Unfortunate Incident.

As Denmark started their journey into this tournament, one sudden and unexpected event would unite this team even more. For those of you who don’t remember, at the beginning of the tournament Denmark squared off against Finland. During the game, the most heart-breaking thing happened as Christian Eriksen collapsed unexpectedly on the field. Please note, footage below contains graphic footage.

The somber feeling this sent was not just felt throughout his Danish teammates and family, but also throughout the world. The world quickly united behind this Danish team and was heavily infuriated with the way UEFA handled the aftermath of this incident.

However, even as unfair as the ruling was by UEFA, this would fuel this Danish team to create a wonderful story.

Denmark’s Euro 2020 Story Continues!

As the Euro 2020 tournament continued, Denmark went from facing a loss against Finland to dominating everything else in its pathway. For us soccer fans, this has been the best part of it all.

Denmark went onto beating Russia and Wales to classify onto the Quarterfinals round and now, they are onto the semifinals! Today, Denmark displayed everything you need to know about their drive in pursuing the euro 2020 trophy against Czech Republic.

Denmark’s euro 2020 dreams are just getting closer and closer! The way they played today against a tough Czech Republic was everything many have been talking about. For starters, their goalie oozes confidence in the back as Kasper Schmeichel continues to display his class in this tournament.

Then, Delaney and Braithwaite were serious factors for the Danish team today! The way these two developed a strong and impactful offensive attack throughout all 90 minutes is something worth commendations.

What’s Next for Denmark?

So now, while an amazing victory path by this Danish team, they are up against a very difficult task in the semifinals round.

Currently, they await for the winner of the Ukraine vs. England game. Here’s what they could expect next depending on who the winner is.

Should it be Ukraine, Denmark has to make their midfield game be a priority! Ukraine’s speed and technicality in the middle of the field has been their most lethal power, allowing for their leading scorer, Yarmolenko to cause all sorts of headaches to defenses that have faced them in this tournament so far.

If it happens to be England, this is incredibly tough one to face! England would be at home to begin with in a stadium that will surely be filled with English support. In addition to that, this is an English team thriving in EVERY position possible. England’s goalkeeper has been an absolute wall for them, Jordan Pickford has displayed his world class talent all throughout!

Moving onto England’s defensive game, it is one of the best defenses this tournament has to offer. Harry Maguire and John Stones are arguably some of the best center-backs thus far with the exception of Italy’s Chiellini and Bonucci duo. Then looking at England’s Midfield and Forwards, this is just too match talent. Grealish can be a huge factor for England again should he get the starting nod, never mind if Sancho and Rashford are also given the opportunity.

I hate to say it, but either way Denmark will face its tough challenge thus far. Either team could spell the end of a magical run here for Denmark. However, if I was Denmark’s manager, it’d be one to be extremely proud of.

My message to Denmark is simple, it’s a thank you for inspiring so many of us to face our adversities head-on and facing forward without fear! Displaying the true meaning of “the beautiful game”.

Good luck Denmark and wishing you more success in euro 2020!

(Featured Image courtesy of Aljazeera.com)

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