If Reinstated Where Could Josh Gordon End Up?

The legendary wide receiver is attempting yet another comeback. Yes, Josh Gordon isn’t done just quite yet with his NFL career. The fan favorite wants in once again. The former Browns, Patriots and Seahawks wide receiver officially submitted his reinstatement to the NFL and now we all wait. So, with that being said, if reinstated, where could Josh Gordon end up? Let’s explore the possible teams that could sign him!

Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions sign 13 to complete UDFA class | WJMN - UPMatters.com



It’s no secret that the Lions are in desperate need for a wide receiver. Quarterback Jared Goff has no true number one receiver to throw the ball to which is a problem. Josh Gordon would be the number one receiver on day one. He has the speed and the talent to go out and make key plays (espicially on third down). Plus, Goff will have time in the pocket to let Gordon get open since Detroit took Penei Sewell from Oregon with the seventh overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. If Gordon gets his wish, then certainly keep an eye on the Lions.

Philadelphia Eagles

Fantasy Forecast: Philadelphia Eagles | Dynasty Nerds

The Eagles wide receiver situation since their Super Bowl season has been a yikes. So yes, the Eagles need someone like Josh Gordon on their team. Jalen Hurts and Josh Gordon would be a dangerous quarterback and wide receiver duo. Philadelphia would be an instant threat to win the division if they add just one receiver in general, so why not make it Josh Gordon, who will be a matchup nightmare for the three other NFC East teams.

Baltimore Ravens

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Yes, the Ravens have Hollywood Brown. Yes, they also drafted Rashod Bateman and signed Sammy Watkins. But, that’s not good enough! Everyone is critical of quarterback Lamar Jackson since he’s a better runner than thrower. Give him a receiver like Gordon and all of a sudden he’ll be throwing the ball more. There’s no such thing as having too many receivers on the roster. This move makes the Ravens a threat to win the Super Bowl. Putting Gordon with Lamar Jackson, good luck to opposing defenses.

Houston Texans


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The Texans are a hot mess. Nobody knows who the week 1 starter will be at quarterback. Their offense… doesn’t look good. J.J. Watt is now in Arizona. Those are just some of the problems the Texans face. The only positive about the Texans is that they still have Brandin Cooks. But, even that isn’t a great positive. Whoever the quarterback will be in Houston, they need someone other than Brandin Cooks to throw the ball to. For that, it’s worth a shot for Houston to sign Josh Gordon. But, in all honesty, it’s a long shot for this to happen. But, in the NFL, never say never. Anything can happen.

A return to New England?

Rapoport: Patriots not counting on Josh Gordon, will welcome him back

Is it possible Josh Gordon makes a return to New England? Probably not. Bill Belichick isn’t a big believer in second chances. Plus, the Patriots are yet to sign all their rookies including top draft choices Mac Jones and Christian Barmore. Signing Jones and Barmore should be a top priority for New England, after that if Gordon is still available, then why not take a look at him at the least.

Final Thoughts

So that should answer the question of if reinstated where could Josh Gordon end up. Hopefully Roger Goodell lets Gordon back in the league. Gordon is such a talented player and deserves another shot in the NFL. He’ll definitely be a player to keep your eye on once he’s officially a free agent!

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-Matt Burnett (@mattthew_jordan on Twitter)

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