Episode 18: Bench Warmer Episode & Red River Sadness

Episode 18 is here. And as we discuss, 18 is sort of a forgotten number in terms of college football and basketball. Can you name any 18’s? We throw out Peyton Manning as an example at the beginning of the episode but he wore 18 in the NFL, at Tennessee he was 16. Our bad.

So that brings us to wonder, especially at least in basketball, what are the top number choices and why? What does your number say about you?

Oh and we talk some college football, duh.

Big 12 is Upside Down

Another wild week in college football last week. This 2020 season is playing out as crazy as the rest of the 2020 year has been. Both Texas and Oklahoma lost last Saturday. While America as a whole won, it still puts the Big 12 in a weird spot.

We now enter Red River Rivalry week with a 22nd ranked Texas and an unranked Oklahoma. Not exactly a measuring stick game for these programs like it usually is on an annual basis.

In the meantime, the conference is Oklahoma State’s to lose, and Iowa State after a bad loss to open the season against Louisiana-Lafayette, is hanging on the fringes trying to win their first conference title since 1912.

That is not a typo.

Chestnut Hill is Weird

Like Ames at night, Chestnut Hill on a late afternoon is a weird place. The Boston College Eagles played pre-season media darlings, North Carolina, down to the wire. An impressive showing by Boston College who seems to be a legit tough out in the ACC this year.

Florida State SUCKS

Gilli will try and defend his ‘Noles as best he can but the truth is, they suck. You cannot be losing, at halftime, at home to Jacksonville State and have any excuses. You just can’t.

Gilli pegged FSU as a team he “loved” in 2020, or at least able to hit the over on their 7.5 win total at the start of the season, that’s not happening.

Look out Michigan fans, Gilli “loved” your team too.

SEC Powers Flex Muscles

The SEC is already beginning to separate itself out. It took all but two weeks.

Alabama dismantled Texas A&M. Georgia proved they were better than we thought week one, Auburn proved that they were not as good. Florida keeps handling their business.

LSU dominated Vanderbilt like they should. Mississippi State, welcome to having Mike Leach as your head coach. Systematically picking apart LSU in Death Valley a week ago, and then be the first SEC team to lose to Arkansas in a few years. Yup “Air Raid” baby.

Kentucky and Ole Miss played an instant classic that not too many people saw.

Another Wild Week

This has already been a crazy season. It’s drawing comparisons of the 2007 season which saw teams like Kansas, Missouri, USF, BC and Rutgers get into the top ten.

While we don’t have that quite yet, it might be getting there soon with some big matchups this week.

Number one Clemson gets their first big test of the season with number seven ranked Miami and D’Eriq King. Other ranked games include

14 Tennessee @ 3 Georgia

4 Florida @ 21 Texas A&M

19 Virginia Tech @ 8 North Carolina

Lane Kiffin vs. Nick Saban

Red River Rivalry

Thank God college football Saturday’s are back, we needed it. Should be another fun week.

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