Time To Shake It Up

As I mentioned before, I had a great fear that this could be like the 1994 Montreal Expos(look them up) situation for Bruins. Due to the stoppage, we may never know what would’ve come if there was no stoppage this season. Well it happened folks!

I was worried because the reason is after this season and for the future, the Bruins have a lot of questions that need to be answered. The core of Bergeron, Chara, Marchand, and Rask is aging, and yes they have Pasta and McAvoy locked up long term. Now for some other bruins such as Jake DeBrusk and Torey Krug, who are looking for their payday too.

Well it looks like we are going to see the Bruins shake it up. Rask, Debrusk and Krug all could go. Also the Bruins have been brought up in rumors surrounding Taylor Hall, Tyler Toffoli and OEL. These next few days will be interesting for the black and gold. But here are some moves that the Bruins need to make this offseason.

Move On From Debrusk

This is pretty simple in my eyes. Yes, he’s a 20 goal scorer and is still very young. He is an inconsistent scorer and has had some serious no shows in the playoffs of late. Also with him not taking a discount and his potential asking is around 5-7 million dollars. It is safe to say it is time to move on from Debrusk. Hopefully you get a nice return for him.

Trade For OEL

With Torey Krug looking like he will be signing with a new club by this weekend. The Bruins need a top 4 defenseman and need one quickly. There are rumors of Pietrangelo and B’s potentially being a match, but it seems that he will price himself out with a lot of teams this off season. There have also been rumors of Oliver Ekman-Larrson and it’s been reported that the Bruins being the team that he would waive his no trade cause for. OEL’s contract is for 7 years at 8.5 million per year. This situation is more cap/contract than the player. OEL is an overall better defender than Krug in my opinion. If acquired, you probably have an elite 4 top pairing across the league in OEL and McAvoy. I’m trading for OEL and if you can find a way to get the AAV to cut a little bit then it will be a great deal for Boston. The question is whether Boston is willing to part with Debrusk or Studnick to make this deal happen. If Arizona is willing to throw in another piece to make it a blockbuster the Bruins could get a trade that helps with other needs on the roster as well.

No More Excuses: Sign Or Trade For A Top 6 Forward 

Bruins fans it feels like we’ve been talking for years about getting a top 6 forward especially one with years remaining on their contract. This feels like the year that it will actually happen. The Bruins have been linked to several to sign or trade (Taylor Hall, Tyler Toffoli, Patrik Laine, and Kyle Palimeri) just happen to be some of the names linked to Boston. The Bruins could go so many different ways here and that’s a good thing in my opinion. I would like to try to get Taylor Hall or Patrik Laine and it’s very possible that they could sign Taylor Hall. But, they will probably end up signing Tyler Toffoli or trade for Kyle Palimeri given the Bruins’ past interest. They need to grab one this offseason or bruins fans such as myself will not be happy.

Trade Tuukka

This could be tough, but it just might need to happen. Tuukka’s long term future is really up in the air and he’s making 7 million in AAV, but he is a top 5 goalie in the league. On this if you do trade him you better get players to go along with first round picks in return. Also Sweeney better have another good goalie lined up via trade, because this would be a risky move. I would consider this move as the Bruins could easily make a move for a starting caliber goalie. If they do trade Tuukka and don’t get a starter back via another trade, the Bruins are going to look real silly.

Finally, the Bruins can’t afford to do nothing this offseason; they need to make moves to set what direction that they want to go in for the foreseeable future. Either it’s go all in for this season and the one after, or begin the re tool/rebuilding phase. A stand pat offseason would be horrible for this team. But I do think moves will get made just not the ones that Bruins fans would want to happen. It is 2020 so you just don’t know what could happen.

-Fiesta (@tsf52)

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