Episode 16: We Got LOCKS (Feat. Chris “Corleone” Jones)

This week on Verbally Committed we are once again joined by one of our Couch Guy Sports brethren. All the way from the Chasers Podcast which can grace your ear drums via this website. Chris “Corleone” Jones joins us this week to talk some college football.

While the man focuses on a city in the American desert, creating a number by what one team will beat another one by. He certainly still knows his college football and there is plenty to discuss this week because the slate is bigger and better than before, the SEC is back.


B1G Schedule Released

The Big Ten put out their schedule last week. And while many in the national media have snickered at Nebraska’s schedule with them opening the season against Ohio State, we’re here to tell you why that’s the wrong narrative.

Is the MAC Back?

Rumor has it that the MAC and Mountain West are working on coming back to play this fall. Which would give us back our Tuesday night “MAC-tion.” And with the season extending to December? Ohhhhhh Gilli just got chills.

One Word Game

Just like last week we break down the more high profile games from last week by describing them with one word. See how we feel about last week’s outcomes.

Locks, Locks and more Locks

With Chris joining the podcast and with Connor and Gilli nailing their locks last week we had to give out even more locks and gambling advice as we set our sights on this upcoming week of games.

Did we mention that the SEC is coming back?

And we hand out four, yes that’s right FOUR locks for this weekend. If you aren’t making money, then we don’t know how else to help you.

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