Faces(Duo) of Boston Sports

In the post Brady and Mookie world, the discussion in Boston has been made about who is the face of Boston sports. Some people would say Patrice Bergeron, but unless you are hardcore Bruins and hockey follower that is probably not the case. The Red Sox are too inconsistent and with the recent trade of Mookie, and it’s probably not right to make Bogaerts or Devers that face even though you could make an argument for one of them. The player that is giving fans a lot of hope for the future is not Cam Newton haha. It’s Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Yes, I know what you’re thinking I said the player, but here is a fact “this duo is the face of Boston Sports.”


Deep Playoff Runs

In the young duo’s careers together, they have made the second round or beyond in each of their three seasons together, and that includes their two trips to the East Finals. Each of these runs Tatum and Brown have risen to the occasion, especially in the playoffs this year. Brown and Tatum’s play this postseason has been truly key on both sides of the floor to Celtics success in the bubble. The way they have played should be on the start of an amazing run for the Celtics because they have so much room to grow. Which the NBA should be on notice for.


Haven’t Entered Their Primes

Even with their deep playoff success Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are only 22 and 23 years old. This duo has not hit their primes yet despite their success so far. With Jaylen Brown locked up long term and Tatum most likely going to get a monster extension this offseason due to his past three seasons of work, and how well he has been in their run in the bubble. Celtics fans should expect this duo as they emerge into their prime, as top elite players in the game today. These two should lead the Celtics to multiple finals appearance and titles over the next several years


Emerging As Top 15 players In The League

Speaking of emerging elite players since the start of the bubble there has been a lot of talk about Jayson Tatum being a top 10 player in the game right now. I think he’s either already there or very very close to it. By half way through next season it should be a foregone collusion that he is a top ten player in the league. Underrated opinion here, but I think Jaylen Brown is a top 15 player at this very moment or is on the cusp of it. He’s developed into an above average three point shooter, the way he can drive to the basket is amazing, but he just might be the best defensive wing in the East and only second to Kawhi to be honest. Look at his growth on the defensive end, especially in this playoff run. In the next couple seasons this duo will be seen as perennial top 15 players in the game.


Best Duo in the East

Besides potentially KD and Kyrie in Brooklyn could you argue a better duo in the East????? I’m serious, if so let’s have a discussion on Twitter (@tsf52) because I think Tatum and Brown are the duo, but I am willing to allow the argument for KD and Kyrie. Other than that there is no duo in the Eastern Conference that you can tell me is better than those two.


In conclusion, even though last night was tough it’s time to embrace Tatum and Brown as the faces of Boston sports and the Celtics being perennial title contenders. #BleedGreen


-Fiesta (@tsf52)

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