The Yankees are a Disaster

5 Adjustments That Need to be Made for the Yankees

1: The New York Yankees in field has been a disaster this season and are right up there as one of the most error filled teams in the league. When I look at this in field, the first thing that becomes clear to me is that Gleyber Torres is not a true shortstop. It has been two years since he took over at shortstop full time. You can see through his play that he is not comfortable there and that a lot of these easy plays are hard for him. I believe that playing shortstop is a struggle and that in turn is affecting his batting successes and failures. Moving forward I believe Torres is best suited as a second baseman.  

2: Another move that I would make internally is I would move Gio Urshela to shortstop. Anyone that watches the Yankees knows that Gio Urshela is an Allstar, Gold Glove, third baseman. Time and time again we see Urshela make plays at third base that are ridiculous. He makes the look smooth and effortless every time. Urshela easily has the athletic ability and throwing range to make all the plays a shortstop has to on a consistent basis. Due to Torres’ downfall in the position, I feel that Urshela should be given a chance to show his ability and to be effective in the shortstop position.   

3: The Yankees left field has been disastrous this season and also is something that needs to be adjusted. Clint Frasier, who I’ve loved since he joined the Yankees, has been a disaster hitting and has wasted his one true shot to be the starting left fielder full time. We all know Clint can hit. But for some reason, he hasn’t been able to get it going consistently this year, which is a huge red flag.

Miguel Andújar has seen a lot of left field as well. He has shown bursts of good hitting but not enough consistency. Brett Gardner has been an absolute disaster this season. He’s been a reliable fielder but couldn’t hit piñata if he tried. The Yankees need to make a choice. Which one of these three they want to place in this left field position? After that, commit to it! The more consistency they can give the players to get affiliated with left field the better the outcome will be and the stronger the team will become as a whole. 

4: The Center field position has also needed a great deal of work since Aaron Hicks left for the year with an injury. Don’t get me wrong Aaron Judge and Brett Gardner can play a fine center field. But this team needs a spark. There’s no better way to do that than bring up minor league true center fielder, Estevan Florial. Forial has shown in the minors that he has the speed, athletic ability, and can hit all over the field which is all that you can ask of a successful center fielder. The Yankees have nothing to lose with bringing Florial up. I think he can be the spark this team is missing and can help get them back on track.  

5: Lastly, we need to be able to hit with runners in scoring position. I know it sounds cliche. But hitting with runners in scoring position is a huge way that good baseball teams win championships. So is playing small ball. Time and time again this season, we see the Yankees have first and second with no outs and unable to get those runs in. If the Yankees are going to make any run in the playoffs they have to execute hitting with runners in scoring position. Time will tell if this team needs bigger changes. But until then, these five adjustments can help the Yankees win some ball games. Hopefully, the Yankees won’t be a disaster anymore!

Featured Image copy right: Adrian Kraus/AP

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-Chris Addorisio  (@Addorisio19 on Twitter)

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