Chris Simms is an Idiot

The title to this blog is nothing new or ground breaking. Chris Simms is an idiot. It’s like saying that grass is green, the sky is blue or that the Death Star needed a cover for their thermal exhaust port.

But Chris Simms has once again defied logic to a point where you begin to wonder if he is trolling everyone for five minutes of attention or if stupidity just really runs that deep within the Simms’ family tree.


Let’s start at the bottom. Tua Tagovailoa is not the 40th best quarterback in the NFL. There is just no way he is worse than Mitchell Trubisky. I mean seriously how do you expect for people to take you seriously?

Now I would give him the benefit of the doubt if he admitted he always rated rookies that low until they prove themselves seeing as Justin Herbert is only number 37. Buuuuuuuut that is clearly not the case seeing as he has Joe Burrow sitting at number 26.

The other one which most of New England saw was Stidham at number 35. And my response to this may shock some of you. I am ok with that.

Now obviously I am here for all of the receipts this fall for when Stidham has a big game. I am a big believer in Jarrett Stidham. But I am also fine with and understand the people outside of the New England bubble not believing in him. I mean let’s be honest, he is a 4th round draft pick in his second year and his only true moment in the NFL is a pick six. He has a lot to prove.

The group of Baker Mayfield, Daniel Jones, Sam Darnold and Jared Goff seems actually fair. That is the mediocre quarterback group that you could have thrown Jameis Winston in last year. Can you win a super bowl with them? No. But they’re just good enough from time to time to keep your fan base from calling for their head.


Ok this is really where this list loses me. Jimmy Garoppolo I think should be rated higher. He almost won his team a Super Bowl and it was not his fault that his defense squandered a 10 point 4th quarter lead.

I have a number of friends who think Josh Allen is the next best thing. But I am afraid to tell them, he honestly belongs in the mediocre; Mayfield, Jones, Darnold, Goff category. He can certainly move a ball down the field but when it comes to the red zone where touch and precision are key, he just doesn’t have that.

Now let’s get to the injustice that is Drew Brees and Tom Brady. I mean what in the good holy hell is that? You mean to tell me that Ben Roethlisberger

Yup that Ben Roethlisberger is heading into this year, better than Drew Brees and Tom Brady??? No shot, I say to you no shot!

(By the way all jokes aside, addiction is real and not very funny for many people, I am glad Big Ben got the help he needed.)

And then don’t get me started on putting Kirk “1 PM Kickoff” Cousins ahead of Brees and Brady.

But the ones that truly, deep down make me laugh and give me the peace at night to lay my head to rest knowing that I am more intelligent than the piece of drift wood that is Chris Simms is Ryan Tannehill and Cam Newton.

Tannehill had a great second half of the season, there’s no disputing that fact. But I think we all saw that when push came to shove in the postseason that even the Titans his own team turned him into a watered down version of Mike Winchell

The other funny joke on here from Simms was Cam Newton. The dude doesn’t even have a team yet and Simms thinks he’s a top ten quarterback. I mean I would think a top ten QB hitting the free agent market would be a big deal, no?


Honestly I really don’t have an issue with basically what he believes is the cream of the crop. Maybe not Dak Prescott, I mean if he were really an elite quarterback no one would be complaining on sports talk radio about paying him.

Final Say

Perhaps Simms knows nobody will pay attention to him unless he puts some outlandish list out there like this. Now all of a sudden everyone is talking about Chris Simms. Maybe he is just a troll. At least that is the easier option to consider than someone that dumb being paid that much more than me.

Never mind this dude is just a flat out idiot.


Connor Ryan (@connoryan68/@VerbalCommitPod)

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