Why The Universal DH Rule Is Bad For The Red Sox?

Starting this season, the MLB has implemented a universal D.H. rule. What is meant by this is simple; both leagues now have a Designated Hitter. Like it or not, it is here. We will all have a short 60 games to get a taste of it and see how we feel about it. My guess? Baseball fans will love it! As for Red Sox fans? We should all be hating it!


We all understand that Mookie is gone for 2020, hopefully back 2021, but that’s for another time. Our offense is still legit. The Sox have an excellent lineup that is poised to score runs at a premium again this year. That is not where my worry is tho. My concern is in the following years, 2021 and 2022. Why might you ask? Oh, just the simple fact that J.D. Martinez has a player opt-out after this year and next. With this new D.H. rule, his potential suiters just doubled in size. The entire MLB looks at J.D. as a predominately D.H., although he wants to still play in the field, his defensive ability says otherwise.

How To Keep J.D.

My strategy to keep him in Boston until his contract is officially up, sign back Mookie. I wholeheartedly believe these two are going to play together again. You will not get one without the other. The Red Sox are in a prime spot (baring an unfinished season this year) to keep J.D. while also signing back Mookie. Show J.D. you are serious about winning again, and bringing Mookie back is a great start. Mookie and J.D. have a great relationship both on and off the field, and J.D. did a lot to help Mookie fully develop these last few seasons. Again, we can not have one without the other after next year.


I am happy baseball is finally back. I am very hesitant about if it will be able to finish their 60 game season in 2020. If they don’t it was all for not as the luxury cap “punishment” would roll over and take effect next year. The Red Sox are depending on this season fully completing, and once it does, they will be sitting pretty cap-wise! They will be able to keep J.D. and sign Mookie back to a long contract extension, so both players finish their careers in Boston. I am fully convinced J.D. wants to play with Mookie again whether that be here or somewhere else, J.D. goes where Mookie goes. Bring Betts back, J.D. stays. That simple. PLAY BALL!!

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-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)


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