What If Ole Left Manchester United Today?

As the International break gets underway for most leagues around the world, one question remains for EPL Manchester United Fans. The question being, what If Ole left Manchester United today?

On today’s blog, I will be sharing my thoughts from a fans’ point of view on the matter. Keep in mind, the situation is ongoing and anything can change in between.

If Ole Left – Did He Do The Job?

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer appointed caretaker manager | Manchester United

(Image credit to Manutd.com)

It was December 19, 2018 when Manchester United officially appointed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the clubs’ caretaker. A job that would require the absolute best in discipline, character-building, and so many other attributes in a club that was at its absolute worse moment in history after the sacking of Jose Mourinho.

Ole came to this club having been a legend of it and giving these youngsters a sense of hope and identity.

Speed forward to the end of that season, United manages to finish within the top 6 of the EPL and participates in the Europa League after having hit absolute rock-bottom.

A year after, with a year of experience at the club and at the helm of things, United and Solskjaer manage to finish top 3 of the EPL. Having finished in such position behind strong clubs like Liverpool and Manchester City that year, gave fans a ton of hope for things to come finally at Old Trafford.

Then, there is last year. A magical season finally after years of transformation! Solskjaer manages this club to a 2nd place finish and with a trip back to Champions League football.

While fans have had their hopes up for this year with the magical return of CR7 to the club, there is one thing it seems we have forgotten.

Solskjaer was hired as a caretaker and surprised with a managers position that shouldn’t had been this long of a term.

Of course, Solskjaer has done just that! Bringing great signings like Wan Bissaka, Varane, Ronaldo, Sancho and Cavani to this club to give it an edge in a already extremely competitive league.

Yes, the frustrations of this years’ performances are there and should be. Leading me to my next point.

Who Could Replace Ole?

So now, as we talk about replacements, there is a plethora of names that come to mind.

We have heard rumors of Leicester City’s own, Brendan Rodgers potentially replacing Ole. There are names like Erik Ten Hag, and Ralph Rangnick being thrown around. However, is is truly a matter of who replaces him or is it matter that there is deeper issues.

Personally, there are two things that have to be replaced. For starters, will need someone to come to the club and takeover Ed Woodward once his term ends in 2021.

The second part, it’ll come shortly after whoever replaces Ed Woodward. Could it be that we see Edwin Van De Sar and Ten Hag in charge? Who knows. However, replacing Ole will require a lot more planning than just another head coach to do the job. Of course, this is if the Glazers are finally thinking long-term solution in the making.

Should this be looked at as another short-term solution, then it’s a no brainer. United and its management board should be going after coaches with experience in coaching characters like Ronaldo and such. Could potentially come down to names like Brendan Rodgers, Rangnick, maybe even Mauricio Pochettino. However, if United goes this route they better be considering no more than a year contracts.

Concluding Thoughts…

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer added as “Hero” player in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team - The  Busby Babe

(Image credit to Thebusbybabe.sbnation.com)

Honestly, I have a gut feeling that while the International break is underway, that we will see some news out of the Carrington office.

We will likely see the announcement of Ole being replaced with someone as a caretaker. Someone the likes of a temporary name like Rangnick could prove to be a short-term solution. It’d be intriguing if the rumors of Rodgers come to fruition as well. Frankly, at this point its understandable why the need to replace him. I do believe United need to do it fast and maintain his image as best as possible.

Why focus on Ole’s Image? Simple, many people forget the fact that he was a major hero for United when he played for the club. Once he became caretaker, he again in heroic manner managed to bounce the culture back to this club and give it a sense of identity. Unfortunately at this time, the problem lacks on strategy and other issues that for Ole, he simply lacks the experience at this time and his time at the helm has simply run out faster than expected.

For now, all I can say is thank you, Ole. Its been a few tough weeks, maybe even tougher last week with the Derby, but now it’s time to turn the page while time is still on our side.

(Featured image credit to Sportinglife.com)

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