Burnie and Chris Episode 39

Burnie and Chris episode 39 is here! We share our thoughts on the 2021 World Series between the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros. Also, Matt remembers the late Boston/Red Sox icon Jerry Remy. We will miss you RemDawg! In the NHL the San Jose Sharks found themselves on their first losing streak of the season. The New York Rangers are hot which is making Chris a very happy fan. We show the Boston Bruins some love too. But, we hate that how the NHL has scheduled the Bruins so far this season. Seriously who hates the Bruins?

Is anybody concerned about the Boston Celtics? Yes it’s early and this team will figure it out. But, one of us is just a tiny amount concerned about this slow start. Hopefully they’ll go on a winning streak and make us all forget about this slow start to the season. Also, we talk the new rule in the NBA which negates everything James Harden did last year. That’s right, you have to actually play basketball now James in order to get all your points! Oh the horror! The NBA stars will continue to cry about it and we will continue to make fun of them for complaining!

In college football, Michigan and Michigan State did not disappoint. Michigan did what they do best and give up a lead! Auburn beat Ole Miss and we review the AP Top Ten, not the pathetic excuse of rankings the college football playoff rankings are. The Patriots stun the Chargers! We praise Calvin Ridley on his decision to focus on his mental health and we give out our mid season awards in the NFL!

Topics in Burnie and Chris episode 39

  • World Series review
  • Remembering Jerry Remy
  • San Jose Sharks update
  • New York Rangers update
  • Boston Bruins update
  • Boston Celtics update
  • The James Harden rule is awesome
  • Michigan-Michigan State was an all time battle
  • Auburn beats Ole Miss
  • AP Rankings are better than the college football rankings
  • Patriots beat Chargers
  • Calvin Ridley is taking a break
  • Mid season NFL awards

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