Toronto Maple Leafs: Mitch Marner with a jaw-dropper of a goal

Mitch Marner took a lot of heat from Maple Leafs fans following the teams exit from the Stanley Cup playoffs last season. Marner was public enemy No. 1 in Toronto and for good reason. He’s highly paid and failed to deliver in the clutch. Now fast forward to this season and Marner is beginning to wow fans again. Including a jaw-dropper of a goal on Tuesday night against the Vegas Golden Nights. 

The amazing goal from Marner was his second of the season and in part of a 4-0 beatdown of the Golden Knights. 

“That is the Mitch that we know and love, of course. Not only was the goal spectacular, but his reaction was also reminiscent of the kid fans have watched grow up,” said Maple Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe. 

“He is playing with confidence. He looks like he is free out there. When he is free, and the game is just flowing for him, he makes great things happen on both sides of the puck. That is three games in a row now that he has been terrific,” added Keefe following the win on Tuesday.

Mitch Marner excited to elevate his game

Marner was incredibly happy following the win and commented on how he is trying to elevate his game.“Yeah, I definitely feel a lot better about my game. It’s just like I’ve been saying, mentally wise, it’s just focusing on myself, what I can do, the best I can do out there… it’s been a good couple of games here; I just got to make sure I keep going and just try and keep this mojo going,” said Marner.

His goal against the Golden Knights was a thing of beauty. Hopefully the young winger begins to find his rhythm because he is an incredibly fun player to watch.

– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

Feature image courtesy of Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press via AP, File

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