Burnie and Chris Episode 27: One Year Anniversary

Get the fireworks ready! It’s Burnie and Chris Episode 27: One Year Anniversary! Yes, it’s been a whole year since we started the Burnie and Chris podcast! Not only that, but this episode features two legendary guests! Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793) and Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ) join us to help celebrate one year… and to roast the hosts of the podcast! Well, let’s just say the opening was screwed up and Diego so kindly correct the first of many mistakes of this episode! The Yankees once again give up another lead! The Red Sox win three out of four against the Yanks! Chris is mad again! We all give our thoughts on the MLB trade deadline as well! The Seattle Kraken have their players! But, the team itself… is a yikes! Could Jack Eichel somehow end up in Seattle? We discuss!

The Tokyo Olympics have arrived! Team USA is off to not so hot start! The men’s basketball team loses for the first time since 2004… they are in trouble. We all list our favorite Olympic sports and of course one of us has to give a bland take on which one is their favorite! The Milwaukee Bucks are you 2021 NBA Champions! Giannis drops 50 points to close out the series and is named MVP! This was the best finals in recent years? We discuss why! We also ask if this was the last chance Chris Paul will get at getting a ring. Both DeShaun Watson and Aaron Rodgers will be reporting to camp despite wanting a trade. But, should Watson even report? It’s sad that he can. Lastly, we all go over expectations for the Patriots and Giants as they enter training camp!

Topics discussed in Burnie and Chris Episode 27: One Year Anniversary

  • Roast the hosts
  • Happy 1 year anniversary!
  • Yankees choke!
  • MLB Trade Deadline
  • Seattle Kraken expansion draft reaction
  • The Olympics start
  • Team USA not off to a hot start
  • Favorite Olympic event
  • Bucks win it all!
  • Giannis drops 50 to seal the deal, wins finals MVP
  • Was this the last chance Chris Paul will get?
  • Deshaun Watson reports… he shouldn’t be allowed to!
  • Aaron Rodgers will report… wow
  • Patriots and Giants training camp expectations

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