Burnie and Chris Episode 20

We are back for more playoff action! The Bruins may be down but they’re not out! Chris gets made fun of a lot for being a Yankees fan since the Yankees suck! The Celtics made headlines for multiple reasons! Finally, Julio Jones gets his wish and gets the trade he wants! We give our reactions and more on Burnie and Chris episode 20!

Here is this week’s topics that are discussed:

  • The Red Sox sweep the Yankees and Matt is ready to laugh in the face of Chris for all of his misery.
  • Stanley Cup Playoffs review of each matchup
  • Danny Ainge retires! So what’s next for the retired former President of Basketball Operations for the Celtics?
  • Brad Stevens promoted to President of Basketball Operations. So what can Brad do with this team?
  • NBA Playoffs review. What have we thought of the playoffs so far? Do we have any bold predictions for what could be shocking in the future?
  • Julio Jones sent to the Tennessee Titans. Did the Patriots mess up by not trading for Julio in this situation? How good will the Titans be now that Julio is a member of their offense?

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