With Julio Jones Finally Being Traded, Who’s Next?

With Julio Jones finally being traded, who’s next? In case you live under a rock, here’s some news for you. The Atlanta Falcons traded star wide receiver Julio Jones to the Tennessee Titans. Now that Jones is out of Atlanta, let’s spin the wheel of who’s next! Julio Jones wasn’t the only top NFL player wanting a trade. There’s been quite a few top tier players wanting out or there’s rumors about them. With that being said, let’s take a look at who could possibly be next.

Aaron Rodgers

Anonymous NFL Figures Use 1 Word To Describe Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay’s star quarterback wants out. He has no shown up to any offseason team workouts or activities and is in a standoff with the organization. All Rodgers wanted was help and for some reason Green Bay never supported him. Now the organization faces consequences, as does Rodgers. The Packers could fine Rodgers up to 93,000 if he skips minicamp which is expected. But, the Packers have to prepare for the season without Aaron Rodgers, the current league MVP. So what are the chances he gets his wish? There’s a 0% chance Rodgers gets the trade he’s looking for. But, it’s worth to keep your eyes on this siutation as it unfolds.

Zach Ertz

Zach Ertz trade rumors: How Bills are new best fit for Eagles tight end | Sporting News

There have been rumors for quite sometime now that the Philadelphia Eagles are looking to trade Zach Ertz. Ertz is older now and isn’t the same player he used to be five years ago. Yes he’s only 30 but tight ends don’t age well in the NFL, unless you’re Antonio Gates or Tony Gonzalez. Dallas Goedert has been the main tight end in Philadelphia and these rumors have confirmed that he’s the plan for the future. So where could Ertz end up? Pay attention to the Buffalo Bills as they need a veteran tight end like Ertz.


Stephon Gilmore

Report: Patriots All-Pro Gilmore to undergo season-ending surgery

I know Patriots fans don’t like the look of this. But, it also should be expected. Rumors have been going around that there could possibly be a trade coming involving Gilmore. But, these rumors have been around for awhile now in New England. Gilmore is entering the final year of his contract. The Patriots would love to get something in return for him instead of seeing him and they’re left empty handed. Yes they have JC Jackson who is slowly turning into a star, but it’s always good to be one step ahead in the NFL. Expect Detroit to possibly be a destination for Gilmore if he’s dealt.

Final Thoughts

With Julio Jones finally being traded, who’s next? Spin that wheel! Who’s next? With how crazy the NFL can be during the offseason, expect the unexpected. But for now, let’s just all thank God the Julio Jones saga is finally over and let’s all get excited that football is inching closer to being back!

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