Buffalo Sabres Offseason Updates

The Buffalo Sabres are in for what should be a very interesting offseason. They won the draft lottery and are picking first overall in the upcoming draft. Interim head coach Don Granato had his interim tag removed last week, making him the teams coach going forward. However, those aren’t the top headlines. The biggest topic of conversation regarding the Sabres is the future of their captain Jack Eichel. I’ll get to the draft in a minute but I want to talk about Eichel first.

The Latest on Jack Eichel

Eichel, Sabres 'heading toward a resolution' for injury treatment: report

Credit for the tweet above goes to @RantingRon716 on Twitter. In case you missed it, Eichel suffered a neck injury last season. According to previous reports, Eichel wants to get surgery for his neck but the Sabres don’t want him to because the procedure Eichel wants has never been done before. I get why Jack is frustrated because he wants to be ready to go for next season but getting a procedure done on your neck that’s been done once or twice, let alone never done before is a bit risky.

However, there is some talk that the Sabres and Eichel are heading towards a resolution. According to Eichel’s agent, the team and Jack are close to ending the dispute. Going back to the tweet above, it looks like the teams who want Jack are agreeing with the Sabres. It makes sense because a general manager doesn’t want to give up a lot for a player and not having him being fully healthy. It’s possible that this could be a rumor but if you think about it a little bit, it makes complete sense. We’ll see what happens but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

Draft Updates

Scouting Report: William Eklund - Smaht Scouting

Moving on from Eichel, let’s talk about the draft. According to Matthew Bove, top prospect Owen Power said that he is meeting with the Sabres on Thursday.

However, Power isn’t the only prospect linked to the Sabres. During the last couple of days, William Eklund has been rumored as another name going to the Sabres. Whether it’s first overall or in a trade that the Sabres make receiving another first round pick, it’s been a discussion within the fanbase and in the media. According to Elite Prospects, the Swedish forward had 11 goals and 12 assists in 40 games played in the SHL. I’ve stated what I wanted the Sabres to do in the draft but Eklund wouldn’t be a bad pick. July 23rd should be an interesting day.

Final Thoughts

Regarding Eichel, I don’t know what the future holds. I will say this, it makes me feel better that other teams agree with the Sabres. Yes, I know I have wrote articles about wanting the Sabres to get it over with but the truth is I love Jack and I hope he stays a Sabre. As for the draft, I expect a lot more rumors and I can’t wait to see what the upcoming days and weeks brings us, July 23rd as well.

(Featured image credit to WIVB).

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