Bruins Propsect Zach Senyshyn snubbed on call up for annual West coast trip

Former Bruins first round draft pick forward Zach Senyshyn was left off the Bruins transaction report last Tuesday. Instead, fellow teammate and forward Jesper Froden was rewarded with a call up prior to the Bruins embarking on their annual West Coast road trip. While both have similar stat lines thus far in the season, Froden getting the callup over Senyshyn sort of says a lot without saying a lot. Let’s discuss.

Bruins placed Senyshyn on waivers

Senyshyn signed a one-year, two-way contract extension with the Bruins prior to the start of preseason. He was then placed on waivers by the team and unclaimed right before the team’s first scheduled game. In December, like his fellow former 2015 first round draft pick Jake DeBrusk, Senyshyn requested a trade from the Bruins. Since then, Senyshyn has been biding his time with the Providence Bruins and putting up strong stat lines with 14 goals and 10 assists in 39 games. His second-best start to a season, only behind his start of 13 points in 18 games last season. This was before his last call up to the big club, which eventually led to a season ending injury.

What does the future hold for Senyshyn?

Senyshyn is in a tough spot. Requesting a trade shortly after going unclaimed through waivers gives you an idea as to what a player’s current value is. However, since the trade request, Senyshyn has continued to produce results. With the Bruins auditioning Steen, Smith and now DeBrusk on the top line with Marchand and Bergeron, you would think Senyshyn would get a shot. The issue: Senyshyn is still waiver eligible. This means the Bruins could risk losing him for nothing if they end up sending him back down to Providence. Bruins General Manager Don Sweeney must feel that Senyshyn has built up some value this season. Regardless, he doesn’t seem too eager to call him up to the big club. Considered a reach for a first round pick by Sweeney, it seems almost ironic he wouldn’t give Senyshyn another chance to prove that he’s capable of NHL play. Rolling the dice on losing Senyshyn to waivers might seem not worth it to Sweeney; thus, a 24-year-old Senyshyn continues to overboil in Providence.

(Image Source: nesn.com)

-Josh Croteau (@_jcro on Twitter)

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