Yankees/Red Sox Wild Card Game Preview

It took all 162 games for it to happen. But, it finally is happening. The Boston Red Sox will be playing the New York Yankees at Fenway Park, in the American League Wild Card game, on Tuesday night. This comes after the Red Sox had an impressive comeback win Sunday afternoon against the Washington Nationals. With the Wild Card matchup between the Yankees and Red Sox officially set, let’s preview the big game.

Knock Gerrit Cole Out of the Game Early

The Red Sox have hit well against Gerrit Cole during the 2021 season. This theme needs to continue on Tuesday night. Cole has not been himself over the past month. So now is the absolute PERFECT time to take advantage of Cole’s struggles. If Gerrit Cole finds himself in this game, it’s going to be a LONG night for Red Sox nation. Plus, you don’t want to have to deal with the Yankees bullpen late in the game if you’re tied or trailing.

Playoff Nathan Eovaldi Needs to Show Up

I questioned recently if Nathan Eovaldi should start in the Wild Card game. Then sure enough, he had his worst start of the season at home against the Yankees. Now that he got the stinker start out of his system, I’m very confident with Eovaldi on the mound. The Yankees strike out a lot as a team. If Eovaldi can avoid the one bad inning he’s shown he can have in his starts, then the Red Sox are golden. Otherwise, you’ll need to hope the Red Sox offense shows up.

J.D. Martinez’s Health

You need J.D. Martinez healthy for the Wild Card game. He left Sunday’s regular season finale against the Nationals with a sprained ankle. How’d he do it? Well…he tripped over the second base bag. I know, NOT A GREAT LOOK! Nonetheless, Martinez’s bat would be a significant loss. Get that ankle healthy over the course of the day Monday and get J.D. in the lineup Tuesday night.

In Conclusion

Fenway is going to be rocking’ on Tuesday night. The Red Sox play very well at home. Use it to your advantage. These 2021 Red Sox have been fun at times and aggravating at others. But they’re back in the playoffs. Let’s try to enjoy it during the day on Monday. After that? Let the nerves and anxiety begin!

(Featured Image Credit: Yahoo Sports)

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