Baseball is Finally Back? Waiting on the MLBPA

I love baseball. It’s by far my favorite sport (hence why I write about it), so I’ve been disappointed in the lack of a season  thus far in 2020. I’m especially disappointed in the talks between the MLB and the MLBPA. Originally, I thought this article would continue the trend of complaining the lack of a plan from the MLB (check out some from my fellow CGS writers here and here), but it seems I was wrong. We might have a season after all.

It appears as if we’ll be having a 60 game season starting later in July.

Of course, this still is contingent on the MLBPA actually saying yes to this deal, but as Passan notes, it seems players expect that to happen. I really hope so, because these talks to this point have gotten us nowhere.

Now Don’t Get Me Wrong

I think the owners are the the ones in the wrong to this point. They agreed to the salaries they’ve signed their players for, and they should pay them full pro-rated salaries to honor their agreements. That being said, the lack of a deal to this point has been a bad look for the MLB overall. Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer in particular has made some good points about these talks:

If the MLBPA continues to vote no, then fans are not going to be happy. But it looks like we (finally) will have an agreement on a season, at least barring another COVID spike. As for me, I’m going to continue to keep my fingers crossed until the Red Sox are out there on the Fenway green and Rafael Devers is hitting baseballs left and right, proving to be the best 13 year old to ever play the game.

– Pat Shuman (@PShu1996 on Twitter)

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