WE HAVE BASEBA….Just Kidding!

Over the weekend, the MLBPA was set to vote on the Owners’ proposals for a 60-game season. When good old Rob Manfred calls MLPA Cheif Tony Clark and hits him with the BOMB of some concessions in 2021 and pushing back the implementation of the universal DH till after the 2021 season, all this is part of a way to keep any potential deal alive. The league is hoping that this proposal is accepted, and the MLB comes back to play a 60-game season with full prorated salaries.

My Thoughts

Manfred knows he’s in trouble. The players know he’s in trouble. Everyone knows he is! This last-ditch effort of calling before the player’s vote is useless. The chances of baseball happening in 2020 are diminishing by the second. At this point, both sides are fed up with each other. Neither party wants to give in, so they are both standing firm on their proposals and what they want. The players are now scheduled to vote today, and a result of that vote should come by the end of today. My guess is it will also be turned down, and then it will head back to the commissioner’s office to figure out where to go next. Don’t hold your breath people, because baseball happening in 2020 looks more improbable. See you all in 2021, hopefully, by then Mookie Betts is back in a Red Sox uniform. One can only wish, right?

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 

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