Baseball is Back! But I am NOT that Excited!

Like I have mentioned multiple times in my posts, baseball is my favorite sport. You all know that I am a Mets fan so the baseball gods have never been kind to me. If you missed it, yesterday, Rob Manfred announced that they will implementing a 60 game season starting around July 24th. Spring training is therefore scheduled to start back up again on July 1st. I should be excited! In my first blog that I wrote for this site, I said I was super excited for this season as the Mets were projected to win the division and make a deep playoff run. However, for whatever reason, I just can’t bring myself to be excited about a 60 game season.

When and Where

Those three words took over baseball twitter in the past few weeks as players were letting the owners know they were ready to play. Even the usually quiet guy on Twitter Mike Trout got in on it.

These words and the player’s advocacy might have saved the season from being cancelled all together. The player’s got their wish in full prorated salaries, but had to give in on the total number of games. The MLBPA was targeting a 70 game season while the MLB would not go over 60. Both sides had to give in, but that is usually what happens in negotiations.

Not Enough Games

A 162 game season is a loooonnnng season. There is a reason they call it the dog days of summer. However, the 60 game season they will be playing is simply not enough. It will certainly make the season more competitive as playoff chances for all 30 teams get closer together. Even teams like the Tigers and Orioles have relatively decent chances at making the playoffs in this format.

Any thing can happen in a shortened season and that is the appeal for a lot of people. The problem with 60 games is that regardless of who wins this year, it won’t be viewed as legitimate. It usually takes around 82 games to see how good a team truly is.

Health Concerns

Of course the main concern is the health of every person involved. We have already seen some players in the NBA opt out of playing when they restart and I would not be surprised if we saw some MLB players do that as well. There are many questions that still need to be figured out. What happens when a player or umpire tests positive the day of a game? is the game cancelled? Rescheduled? Does the whole team have to quarantine for two weeks? These are very important questions the MLB has to know the answers to. They cannot come up with something as cases pop-up. There needs to be a protocol in lace before Spring Training can start again.

Final Thoughts

I have been a proponent of cancelling the season, and letting the medical professionals do their jobs in order ensure the safety of everyone. My other concern is how will this affect next season. With a second wave more than likely coming, will playing only exacerbate the problem and cause next season to delay as well? We already have one season that is messed up, we don’t need two. This season is simply going to be not enough for me. Of course I will watch, and my attitude may change as games happen, but as of right now, I can’t bring myself to get too excited about this shortened season.

-Pete Chatterton (@Pchat12)

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