The Fall Out From a Wild Day in the NFL

Whoever said Friday is a slow news day? It definitely wasn’t today.

The 49ers shocked everybody and moved up to the number three pick in the NFL draft. Taking what was the Miami Dolphins selection which was also originally the Houston Texans pick.

Keeping up so far?

Miami however was not done.

They jumped back into the top ten in a swap with the Eagles. The draft is still a month away but teams are beginning to make moves. So how does this shake things out for the NFL’s supposedly wild quarterback carousel and for these three teams?

Miami Dolphins

Let’s start here with the team making the most noise today.

Brian Flores is out here wheeling and dealing. What a promising rebuild this has been for Miami. When Flores first arrived it seemed like a team destined to go 0-16. Their best player Minkah Fitzpatrick demanded a trade, and since then it’s been nothing but up for Miami.

Despite almost making the playoffs last season, thanks to the Laremy Tunsil trade they have themselves wheeling and dealing in the top ten of a very interesting NFL draft.

But what does this trade tell us about the Dolphins plans?

Well for starters that they probably dangled the 3rd overall pick to Houston for Deshaun Watson and were turned away. And with everything going on with Deshaun right now, perhaps that was a blessing in disguise.

And with that being said, they seem to like what they have in Tua.

This draft will be headlined by the big name quarterbacks at the top of the draft, but Miami has themselves still very well positioned to be able to grab one of the big name wide receivers off the board. Whether that’s Jamarr Chase, Devonta Smith or even Kyle Pitts.

And let’s say nothing comes out of the allegations against Deshaun Watson. Miami with the number six pick is still an enticing package for Houston.

But it seems like Tua is the guy in Miami.

Philadelphia Eagles

Philly to me is still a dumpster fire in terms of handling the end of the Peterson-Wentz era but maybe this will be a quick turnaround.

Philadelphia is also making a bold statement in that Jalen Hurts is their guy for the immediate future.

And while I get that Hurts seemed like the next best thing last year, he still had the same issues that plagued him in college.

Electric, no doubt, but very inconsistent.

Philly gets to move back and see what falls to them, while setting up a possibly franchise altering draft in 2022.

San Francisco 49ers

The Niners are the most fascinating team out of all of the moves being made.

Essentially the Niners put themselves in a position to be the queens piece in chess. They can do whatever they want from here. Give John Lynch credit, he’s a pretty damn good GM.

The Niners claim, that Jimmy G is “their guy.”

The “this year” is super telling.

Basically the Niners will drop Jimmy G if they can. And by making these trades, they’ve made it pretty clear that they would like to do that.

But just because you traded all that capital doesn’t mean the Niners are married to draft a quarterback. But it seems super likely.

The easy option, they’re in the spot to grab either Zach Wilson, Justin Fields or Trey Lance and trade Jimmy Garoppolo.

However say they are married to the idea of drafting Zach Wilson. Apparently they did not reach out to the Jets about getting the second overall pick.

But the Jets grab Wilson at two and the Niners want to get out of that spot and stick with Jimmy G for another year.

There would still be plenty of teams on draft night, and probably even more driven than today, to get that third overall pick. They could easily trade out of that spot and grab other positions of need.

Or by trading out of that spot, send some picks to the Jets for Sam Darnold. A cheaper and younger quarterback that they feel could be equal and or better than Garoppolo.

While the price tag of today’s transaction screams “DRAFTING A QUARTERBACK” the Niners are still set up to maneuver however they want.

Jimmy Garoppolo

While Tua and Jalen Hurts received validation from their teams today, Jimmy G received the opposite.

While I pointed out above that the Niners could still hold onto Jimmy G this year, the odds on favorite are that they draft their new quarterback.

So where does that leave Jimmy G?

Well it also sort of leaves the Niners in a tough spot to swing a trade. Free agency is over. The Bears grabbed Andy Dalton, the Cowboys locked up Day, the Patriots brought back Newton. And while you could argue the Bears and Patriots would be better with Jimmy G than what they have now, it didn’t leave them a ton of flexibility.

Think of the Patriots as the local and most relevant of the Jimmy G rumored landing spots. They re-signed Cam. Okay, not a big deal to have he and Garoppolo battle it out in camp.

But they also went on a massive spending spree

And now their cap space is right around $12 million after it being at about $65 a couple of weeks ago.

My guess is New England had their talks with the Niners, it didn’t manifest into anything so they went with plan B, re-sign Cam to a team friendly deal, buy a bunch of new toys in free agency.

But now everything has been flipped on its head. And perhaps it’s not the Niners fault. Maybe this is because of the Dolphins, holding onto that third pick until the Deshaun allegations began to pile up, so they went to plan B.

But if you’re San Francisco, you now have to live with the realization that while you spent a lot of draft capital to get to number three, and draft the quarterback you want, you might not get as much in return for Jimmy Garoppolo.

I can still see New England as a landing spot, but it would not be as expensive of a move for the Patriots or as easy a one to make as previously thought.

Denver could also be a Jimmy Garoppolo landing spot in my opinion. Perhaps Houston if Deshaun Watson is suspended. Carolina if they can’t land a Watson or a draft able QB.

It’s a situation that gets messier and more tangled the more you think about it.

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