Breaking Down The Remaining Patriots Quarterback Options

With a ton of cap space at their disposal, and their highest draft pick in recent memory, the 2021 off season should prove to be an interesting one for the New England Patriots.

Mainly because there is still a giant hole in their roster at the most important position in football.


And with the quarterback carousel in the NFL spinning at a hectic rate, what are the Patriots best options moving forward?

And I’ll be grading these out of a scale of 10. Between the plausibility of it happening, my interest level, and how it fits with the Patriots.

Talented But No Shot

Deshaun Watson (0/10)

I’ve written this same sentiment in a previous blog that was then sort of copied and pasted by other writers for this site, but oh well. Life is a copy cat league.

Look, Deshaun Watson named the teams he wants to go to. He holds all the cards in this stand off, if he didn’t name New England he’s not coming here.

Deshaun is also leaving Houston because they brought in another ex-Patriots staffer to run things. Sure it was because they didn’t interview the coach he wanted but at the same time he has seen the “Patriot Way” attempted in Houston and is sick of it.

So why on God’s good green earth would he willingly choose to go to the epicenter of that?

Russell Wilson (1/10)

For starters, Seattle would be absolutely insane to trade him. I think this entire thing is simply a PR stunt by Wilson’s people to give him more power within the organization.

Second, like Watson, Wilson has named his preferred landing spots. New England was not on there.

And if you’re Seattle why would you trade the best player in franchise history, to the team that won a Super Bowl in such a haunting fashion against you that you will have to live with that stain forever?

Sometimes it’s not about the draft picks or talent available, it’s all about the optics.

But some homer twitter accounts just can’t help themselves.

Let him go dude.

Sam Darnold (-5/10)

I’m stretching it a bit here calling Darnold “talented” and lumping him in this group. But it’s more for the “No chance in hell” part of this section.

I haven’t heard much of Patriots twitter clamoring for Darnold but I just want to make sure you know there is no shot.

If you’re the Jets why would you ever do this? Remember the last time the Jets and Patriots made a trade? And not the Demaryius Thomas one, that doesn’t count.

It was for a certain Bill Belichick and New York fans still aren’t over that one. Can you imagine if they traded New England the seemingly failed franchise quarterback that they spent a top five pick on, and New England turns him into a super star?

It would be entertaining.

Aaron Rodgers (0/10)

Hahahaha that was a cute story while it lasted right? He’s not leaving Green Bay. Case closed.

Less Talented But Available

Jameis Winston (3/10)

He’s likely to be re-signed by New Orleans with Brees retiring. But if he doesn’t he’s a name. Obviously the Patriots don’t love him or they would have jumped on him last off-season when basically nobody at all wanted him.

Jameis has a ton of talent. It’s the decision making that’s an issue, would a year with Sean Payton and a marriage with Josh McDaniels solve his interception woes?

Teddy Bridgewater (4/10)

He’s currently slated as the Panthers QB1, but it feels like a title that’s more forced than earned.

Teddy had a promising start to the 2020 season, but the wheels fell off later in the year. Carolina is in position to either draft a quarterback, Fields, Wilson or Lance.

Or they were a name Deshaun Watson dropped in his trade request and the rumor is Carolina would happily make that trade. Watson, from Clemson (South Carolina) would be sort of in a way coming home.

If those two realities happen, Bridgewater is a reliable veteran the Pats could easily get their hands on.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (5/10)

Make his AFC East tour complete!

Not a long term answer by any means. But while we laugh at Fitzmagic, it is real. And speaking of homecomings, imagine all the Harvard-Fitzpatrick jerseys we’d see when fans finally get back to Gillette!

He’s a solid option if nothing else becomes available. Some games we will pull our hair out at his decision making. And others he will lead last minute drives that make us call back upon days of yore.

Talented But Available?

Matt Ryan (6/10)

The Falcons are in a position to draft their next franchise quarterback. They would probably be wise to take a note from the Steelers and try and address the heir to the position sooner rather than later.

However, in that same note, the struggles Atlanta has experienced lately are not at all Ryan’s fault. So is he really available?

Atlanta is a great spot for a Trey Lance type player. Someone who might need a year on the bench learning before taking the reins.

However if Ryan is available, I’d be all for New England going after him. With that being said though again the optics for Atlanta don’t look great. Sending your franchise QB to the team that engineered the comeback that will haunt your fan base forever? Not a great look.

Been There Done That

Jacoby Brissett (5/10)

I’ll be honest, I don’t understand the hype surrounding a Brissett/New England reunion. We saw what he did here which was serviceable. We have seen what he does in Indianapolis, which was again serviceable.

Jacoby will have himself a fine career and make a ton of money by probably being a journeyman back up quarterback who makes a few starts year to year. The Brian Hoyer award so to say.

I’m all set with seeing Jacoby in New England.

Cam Newton (6/10)

By the end of last year everybody was done and fed up with this experiment. Cam obviously just wasn’t Super Cam anymore.

But let’s break it down as to why and how he could come back.

He had zero weapons. I mean just absolutely nothing. Jakobi Meyers is a great story but he’s no ones top receiver. N’Keal Harry I’m beginning to lose faith with despite my previous thoughts and he had zero tight end help. I mean zip, zilch, nada. For an offense that is pretty heavily dependent on the tight end position.

His teammates and more importantly Belichick himself, have had nothing but great things to say about Newton. He is obviously a great leader, teammate and presence in the huddle.

I can’t sit here and say if the Pats went out and added the likes of an OBJ and Will Fuller that it would transform Newton back into a super star but I’m sure it would help.

Don’t forget, Cam looked like he was the real deal until he tested positive for COVID. And when he came back he just wasn’t the same. I will wonder what could have been had he not missed that time.

I wouldn’t hate a Cam reunion but I wouldn’t be jumping for joy.

Jarrett Stidham (3/10)

I hate to say it, but I don’t think Stidham is the guy. Even when the Pats were going down the stretch with no chance at the post season, Stidham didn’t draw a start.

Belichick has always been a stickler on players earning playing time. The lack of snaps Stidham got this year with the QB situation the way it was, is telling.

And perhaps we all expected too much from Stidham. Perhaps he just simply is what he is, a 4th round pick. Usually those diamonds in the rough explode on the scene and push the established vet out by now. Stidham is a back up, simple as that.

The Real Possibilities

Marcus Mariota (7/10)

Mariota I think is a legit possibility for the Patriots. If they liked the system that they designed with Newton running the ball then go with Mariota.

He’s four years younger than Newton and while he’s not built like a linebacker, he has the extra burst that Newton is now lacking.

Both are pretty similar in arm talent in my opinion but Mariota was a favorite of mine last off-season.

It would require a trade with Vegas to make it happen but I like the idea of Mariota getting a real starting chance in New England. He has gotten Tennessee to the playoffs and won a game, at Arrowhead.

Jimmy Garoppolo (9/10)

I would be ecstatic to bring Garoppolo back to New England.

San Francisco for awhile now has been saying that they are not married to Garoppolo as previously though and it seems like while they aren’t actively shopping him, they are certainly not opposed to that idea.

Say San Fran swings a trade for a Matt Ryan or Sam Darnold? Especially Darnold. West Coast guy who moves from Adam Gase to Kyle Shannahan. And is now asked to establish the run first, make some big throws for us second. I can’t think of a more perfect trade for the Niners to make.

All of a sudden Garoppolo becomes very available.

The one con with Garoppolo is his health. He just can’t stay healthy he seems pretty injury prone as compared to other franchise QB’s.

But just imagine had the Niners won the Super Bowl. There is no way Garoppolo would be available right now.

I think Garoppolo is a perfect fit back in New England.

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