New England Patriots Re-Sign Cam Newton

The breaking news today out of Foxboro. Cam Newton re-signs with the New England Patriots on a one year deal worth up to $14 million.

Which is contrary to the report at the end of the 2020 season that the Patriots were not going to attempt to bring him back. And contrary to many of our thoughts at the time as well. Thanks Cam, but bye.

But obviously that’s not the case and reception to the deal is mixed to say the best.

This Was The Best The Pats Could Do?

Obviously Cam was nothing close to his 2015, MVP like self last year. Minus his injury riddled 2014 season, he threw for a career low in yards. And threw for eight touchdowns and ten interceptions. He averaged just 177 yards per game.

He played in 15 games, the only one he missed was the game in Kansas City due to COVID. Otherwise he was the main man that led the Pats to a 7-9 season and missed the playoffs for the first time since 2008.

Statistically, not a great year for Cam. Doubled by the fact that Tom Brady took his new team and won a Super Bowl. Double gut punch for Pats fans.

Yeah But…

For all of those bad stats I believe it’s easily explained.

  • He signed practically right before training camp. He did not have a true off-season, which he will get this year.
  • Zero weapons. Especially after Julian Edelman went down. His top target was who? Damiere Byrd? Add in zero tight end help and it’s a recipe for disaster for any quarterback.
  • In case one forgot, we were in the midst of a pandemic. From talking to other people in sports, 2020 is in some cases a throwaway season. That just to play, and make it through healthy was the goal, nothing more.

The Case For Cam

So what is the reasoning for the Patriots to bring back Cam Newton?

Well for starters teammates and Bill Belichick himself have had nothing but incredible things to say about him.

The saying “You can’t fool players” rings true here. Devin McCourty is a veteran, he toes the line of the Patriot Way. He is the model New England Patriot. And even he advocated for Cam to come back because last years situation wasn’t fair to judge him off of.

He’s a great locker room and huddle presence as I stated earlier this week. With Brady leaving, Belichick could have done a lot worse.

I think if you surround Cam with some actual weapons. Guys like Kenny Golladay who is severely underrated. A John Brown who Buffalo just let go. Maybe a reunion with Brandin Cooks? And other actual real options to throw to. Because while the Patriots are terrible at drafting receiving talent, they’re damn good at signing and trading for it.

Give him some actual receivers to throw to and I think you see Cam’s numbers improve.

The Money Isn’t Good… IT’S GREAT

For some reason the biggest complaint about the signing isn’t Cam himself but the fact that it’s $14 million.

Folks, what are you doing?

First thing, it’s a one year deal, for the team with the third most cap space in the NFL. Yet people are acting like we just gave him $14 million guaranteed every season for the next ten years.

It’s a one year deal, and if we know anything from Belichick it’s probably incentive laced. Oh and would you look at that, it is.

So in reality, it’s honestly probably more of a $8 million cap hit. If even that because NFL contracts are super weird.

So a one year deal worth UP TO (key words) $14 million is the exact sort of low risk move Bill Belichick has built a dynasty out of.

The true problem here is that Patriots fans are spoiled. We’ve had Tom Brady re-working contract after contract and being criminally underpaid during his time in New England.

Ha, would you look at that.

But so much so that we forgot what the average starting NFL quarterback costs.

  • Teddy Bridgewater makes $23 million against Carolina’s 2021 cap.
  • Ryan Tannehill is $29 million against the Titans cap.
  • Taysom Hill, who some argue isn’t even a real quarterback, $16 million for New Orleans.
  • Marcus Mariota for the Raiders, a back up. He’s worth $11.4 of the Raiders cap space.
  • Matt Ryan for the Falcons this year is worth $41 MILLION AGAINST THEIR CAP.

Makes one year of UP TO $14 million look pretty pedestrian doesn’t it?

But the point is that this deal is still incredibly cheap. And for only one year, so who cares.

Pats Not Done at QB?

Look, I usually trust what Adam Schefter has to say about the inner workings of the NFL, but I don’t here.

I think this was a ESPN driven tweet. I am sure some sort of combination of the words “Patriots” and “Quarterback” get a large amount of clicks for ESPN. So to try and keep that pot stirring for as long as possible is a good business move on their end.

The truth of the matter is, is that while the NFL QB carousel this off season is spinning fast and furiously, no one is getting off in Foxboro.

Dak is locked up. Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson don’t want to go to New England. And the Niners are not selling off Jimmy G before getting something they feel is better in return.

So Belichick locked up Cam to a team friendly deal before he lost out on that option as well.

What this deal does signify to me however is that the Patriots might be taking a quarterback in the draft. But not the ones that many fans want.

With it being a one year deal, I could see the Patriots taking a Mac Jones or Kyle Trask. Let them sit and learn behind a true veteran and professional in Cam, and then letting Cam walk at the end of the season and moving on with their hopeful new franchise quarterback.

It’s not exciting, it’s not sexy but that’s the reality.

Immediate Thoughts For The 2021 Season?

It doesn’t make the Patriots Super Bowl contenders. Hell the move doesn’t even make them favorites to win the AFC East, far from it.

But with key opt outs from last season returning on the defensive side of the ball, and Cam being the beneficiary of hopefully some better weapons and a full off-season. A Flip from 7-9 to 9-7 or 10-6 and a wild card spot is not all that crazy of an idea.

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