Are We Getting Closer to an MLB Season? I Think We Are!

MLB sent over another proposal to the Players Union today, Monday June 8th. It is for a 76 game regular season. YES!! That is getting closer to what the players want! That is a good thing right? Not quite, the owners want to pay 75% of a prorated salary.

So what that means is that players are taking a payout on top of the pay cut they already agreed upon. See Jeff Passan’s twitter thread and some other tweets from today to explain everything. So the players would normally get paid 46.9% of their salaries if they had a normal prorated amount. So that would be $4,691,358.03 out of $10,000,000. But with 75% pay cut that would be $3,518,518.52 out of the $10,000,000 they were supposed to get. That is over $1 million that they lose on top of the $5.3 they already lost.

Pros Of This Plan

There are not many good things to find about this plan, but there are some. It shows owners are willing to move from the 48 game season they wanted last week. There is no way players will play a 48 game season. If the owners more closer to 82 I think the players will want to do it. I am just glad owners are moving closer to the amount of games the players want.

Cons Of This Plan

Jared says it best. The players want 100% of their prorated salaries. Owners do not want to pay that with no fans in the stands. The players know that the owners have more money than they are letting now. They will not back down until the owners meet what they want. This is what is going to take the longest.

My Thoughts

As I said in my last article, the pressure from other sports coming back is a good thing. Basketball was announcing their return to play plan. The NHL is closing in on their plan. The NFL is planning on returning on time.

Baseball has been struggling to keep fans interested for some time now. As a die hard baseball fan I do not want to see the sport die. But with both the owners and players not close to a deal it could really push away fans. Now basketball could be playing in what would be the time of year it is just baseball. Fans will want to watch basketball over baseball.

I have been on the players side the whole time and will continue to be. The owners need to pay 100% prorated salary. I do believe the players will play a 70 game season if it is paid fully. Hopefully one day soon they will come to an agreement. I will keep you updated every week on updates.

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-Tom “Powder” Cadmus (@powder42308)

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