NBA is Back, and the Excitement is Back

The good news came out on Thursday that the NBA is back. The season expected to resume on July 31st and go until October 12th. Training camp will begin at the end of the month while traveling to Orlando will happen in July. It is an exciting time to be a basketball fan right now.

Although different, the NBA is hoping this will spark interest and enthusiasm as in previous years. However, this is a chance for the league to conclude their season and crown a champion. Who will it be? Every team will have an opportunity as no one knows what each team has been doing during their time off.

However, I do like the chances of the Boston Celtics. Everyone is going to favor the Los Angeles Lakers to come out on top, but the Celtics are young.

For the Celtics, a chance to make a statement despite all this time off. If Kyrie Irving does decide to come back, the Celtics can still be a favorite as their team chemistry is strong and effective on the court.

Either way, it is going to be interesting on what happens. It is a new experience, and I am looking forward to it. For most NBA fans, times are exciting again, waiting a long time for a plan to come back. July 31st will be a good day for the NBA world.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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